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Hurricane Larry Front Runners FOR THE DREAM!!

Hurricane Larry is slowly, but surely making his way to the East Coast. Today we started to feel the affects of the category 2 storm working it’s way closer to the …


44 thoughts on “Hurricane Larry Front Runners FOR THE DREAM!!

  1. Quote of the day…. "I've surfed worse waves!" 😂😂

  2. Clickbaited once again has

  3. While SoCal is pumping 😵

  4. Jamie, I don’t surf until it’s triple overhead, O’Brien. So Daddy can get in the green room ya purple people eater board! 😂😂😂

  5. jamie is such a downer good lord have some fun for once even if its not 10 foot pipe

  6. Idk what part of Jersey you live in but when I used to go to LBI and seabright, it was always firing.

  7. Those waves are small though have good form.. Sitting my office – wishing I was at the beach now playing!

  8. quite a difference watching this vs. watching Nate Florence rip overhead NJ / NY storm swell in videos both posted yesterday….maybe it's just timing with content posting but….weird. love the vids regardless but let's see some bombs.

  9. Where is the best spot to get barrels in nj

  10. Its La La La La La Larry Love

  11. Blair is such a trooper!

  12. Jamie's Stoke Meter is calibrated too high for the Novelty Boys!

  13. I think Jamie should paddle out even if he doesn't like waves just for the exercise. 👍😆

  14. You should collab with the world #1 skimboarder Austin keen sometime!! He’s pretty big rn

  15. 9:29 Campers in the bus! What did your mom pack for lunch?

  16. The STOKE is real. When I am looking at home and its not that great…(every day) I always think..
    "Gravy would be frothing!" 10 out of 10 times the dream is real. Thanks for the motivation big dawg.
    Oh yea, almost forgot..
    …………………………………………Don't be that guy!

  17. Jamie needs some Psych Juice. I'm happy he's not killing your vibe, Ben.

  18. The three of you guys are the best thing in surfing.

  19. I understand Jamie's cos I'm from the Pacific Ocean side aka. PERU. WE LOVE REAL WAVES , actually Ben check the Quicksilver pro La Herradura on you tube the contest was this past weekend. Anyway keep doing a good job brother, we love you from north central Jersey Aka. HOLLY LAND Deal. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇵🇪👑👑

  20. I missed the outter bar in 96 haha 😂 not missing it again

  21. Wavy n blair..great uplifting duo. Job….not too much…

  22. What ever it is y’all are smoking it’s working

  23. I guess those sessions are why Jamie bailed to Mex. Fast forward!

  24. Looks like mister O'Brian forgot how to just have fun with whatever u have…kind of a bummer..livin back up Jamie before I unsubscribe from ur channel…keep it fun not judgmental…

  25. 6:08 I am picking up other peo people's trash. Not the dreamiest job but it pays the bills.. NYC sanitation.

  26. Now that I'm on the east coast I gotta get a session with you and crew!! #forthedream

  27. Blair is amazing the way he generates speed

  28. You guys make average surf look EPIC !!!

  29. JOB retiring eh… 🤪

  30. Should have had them boys in the outerbanks Thursday. Absolutely pumping and offshore all day. Sick Vlog and I'm glad you and Blair share stoke for everything in common

  31. Blair has a lot of style! 🌊 🍍

  32. I have a suggestion! Buy a shrink ray so you can rip the skelly's mini wave!

  33. Psych meter?🤷‍♂️No psych.

  34. Who selects the music. So right on

  35. Keep killing big dawg!! Me and my son are your biggest fans!!

  36. Ben it's awesome how you turn a ugly wave into a thing of beauty


  38. Blair seems down for anything while Jamie is a crab apple. Jamie you wanna switch jobs? You can take my 7 to 4 job while I surf waves around the world even if they are not as big as Hawaii. Cheer up dude enjoy everyday like it’s your last.

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