Thousands Of Outraged New Yorkers To Protest Vaccine Passport Mandate In Times Square on Sept. 18

Organizers of the New York City Freedom Rally have been protesting weekly since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, demanding the government reopen their city and relinquish mask mandates.

A few hundred patriots, at most, attended the rallies in the notoriously liberal city at the start of the pandemic, while the majority of New Yorkers complied with the mask requirements, the quarantine restrictions that singlehandedly destroyed the US economy and put millions out of work as they provided COVID contract tracers their personal information each time they stepped into a restaurant.

Now that the city has begun enforcing its Covid-19 vaccine passport program, known as “Key to NYC,” for most indoor activities, New York City’s Freedom Rally, a chapter of the Worldwide Demonstration campaign, is picking up steam.

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The People’s eyes are open, they can see through the outright lies and they’ve had enough of the illogic.

Tens of thousands will protest against vaccine passports in New York’s Times Square on Saturday and rallying is just the first step we are taking towards ending the tyranny, Eric Grassi, an organizer of New York’s Freedom Rally told the Gateway Pundit.

“We are banding together to stop this,” he said. “This movement is growing rapidly because the fire departments, the teachers’ unions, our troops, the hospital workers – none of these people want this injection. They know what’s in it. It’s causing tremendous death and devastation across the world. The injection of children is an absolute criminal act – a capital crime. Plus, the vaccination programs are driving new forms are driving and developing new forms of the disease.

“We must stop and end all vaccine mandates. They are overthrowing medical ethics, which allows the individual to decide if they want medical treatment. This is an absolute violation of our fundamental rights. The coronavirus is biological and psychological warfare on humanity – that was obvious from the beginning. Rallying is just the first step towards ending this tyranny. There was no pandemic.”

“There are worldwide demonstrations going on. Our goal is to evict the perpetrators of this crime from their political offices,” Rassi said. “These arrogant people – De Blasio, Fauci, Biden – then need to be stopped. It’s apparent – criminal politicians conspired a world coup d’etat at pandemic planning conferences. They have planned this entire operation down to the fine, exact details of what they rolled out. This is a world takeover. It’s a world coup d’etat.

“They shut down and devastated New York for no reason. They just wrecked the city. They drove thousands of businesses out of business, and they just ruined hundreds of thousands of jobs. They closed whole sectors of the city’s economy permanently. They closed half the bars and restaurants in New York permanently. The economy of NY is a shadow of its former self. This is just one microcosmic example of what’s happening across the globe.”

Approximately 3,000 patriots attended the New York Freedom Rally on Monday as they marched across the Brooklyn bridge as they chanted, “Save New York,” “No vaccine mandates,” “Fire Fauci for crimes against humanity” and “Fuck the vaccine!”

The group intends to greet Joe Biden on =with a massive protest when he arrives in New York next to deliver his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly since taking office.

The rally will begin at 1 pm est at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Demonstrators will then march to Times Square at 1:30 pm est.


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