Graded Green – Wi-Fi OG CBD Flower Review

Here We Take A Closer Look At A CBD Flower From Graded Greens Golden State Hemp USA California Range There Wi-Fi OG. DREAM 15 FOR 15% OFF …


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  1. Lovely looking smoke Dreamcatcher! I'm waiting on 3 zeds of 3 different strains from Paradise and ordered previously but I'm a little concerned because I ordered in last Sunday and it still hasn't shown up and they haven't replied my emails…I used that Aaron code you left maybe they didn't like me getting that much money off? I can't afford a lot being on Univeral Credit though fella 🙁

  2. Another good video bro, little bit quiet these past 2 vids but still enjoy them. paradise cbd have a orange strain on atm and its fire, deffo think you should do a review bro. Big buds, frosty and smells dank.

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