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PawPaw Reviews CBD Infused Cherry Rings from Happy Hemp

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31 thoughts on “PawPaw Reviews CBD Infused Cherry Rings from Happy Hemp

  1. Good evening pawpaw

  2. The mind is the first to go. I thought I commented. Nope. 😀

  3. I have too try those next. happy hemp your the best

  4. Hello Pawpaw another good video

  5. Howdy Paw Paw from finger tn this week

  6. Cherrryieeee Cherry Baby …Wrong song. Sorry.

  7. Hi Bob. How many milligrams should I buy for the Gummy Bears and the Cherry Rings. I need it for Anxiety

  8. Hey Pawpaw how you doing today another good video

  9. PawPaw has a new flavor.

  10. Cherry Flavored is different.

  11. Glad that they are helping you PawPaw .

  12. I love me some cherry! Thank You for sharing.

  13. I had to come back to leave a comment, I forgot to the first time I watched.

  14. Happy hemping from Pa!😃

  15. Your liking that candy all kinds of flavors I see

  16. I love Cherry. 🍒🍒

  17. Looks yummy! I couldn't stop with just one….

  18. My "Smell o' Vision" on the 'tube of you' isn't working – but I'll take your word for it —- Love 'Ya Paw Paw !!!!

  19. Can't go wrong with cherry!😀

  20. I need some to get thru this thunder storm!

  21. Not only are the products tasty, the containers make great screw, beads, safety pins, or anything else re purposed containers.

  22. Will be there Saturday night, it is 7:30 for me in my neck of the woods.

  23. Cause their good for yah.

  24. You always have great content. I may sound like a wuss but i have panic attacks and I'm a hypocondreack( or how ever you spell it) but I'm afraid to take anything but I have aches and pains daily. Do you recommend these, do you feel any kind of a high

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