Building Indivisible Statewide Structures September 2021

____ Indivisible is a national grassroots movement dedicated to building progressive power and fixing our democracy. We have hundreds of groups around the …


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  1. They did this whole indivisible statewide structures stuff once… However men like Jefferson, Washington and other American founders undid it. Then later people like Lincoln and mlk finished off the last statewide structure of slavery… You could try north Korea though maybe?

  2. With all due respect. This should have been done at the very beginning. You all made this about YOU and "National". Over the course of 3.5 years groups became aimless and went unheard. Map event ≠ successful movements. We're going to lose the Houses again. But hey, let's keep waiting on Schumer to bring 10 R senators on to S1…..real effective.

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