seizures dog


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  1. Me nervously sweating because the first time I saw a seizure was when my mom had it after a sporadic fever. I hugged her till it went away and got my uncle to get her to the hospital. I hope Cosmos feels better.

  2. My dog is also suffering from seizures ever since he survived the parvo virus. Vet said dogs who had this virus may develop seizures or cardiac arrest. It's so sad to see dogs like this ☹️

  3. i think one of the reasons dogs are having seizures is because of Canine Distemper, it is a virus that attacks the immune system of a dog, and it is deadly if your dog doesn’t have vaccince for distemper

  4. One of my dogs has seizures, we’ve pinned it down to the rabies vaccinations. When it happens she comes to bed spasming and all we can do is grab a towel (due to the salivating), put it under her head and then we hug her tightly. Waiting for her to recover is the longest 5-15 minutes. When it’s over, she’ll sit still for a bit (I think it’s to collect herself) then she acts as if nothing happened. It’s very scary!

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