Exfoliation basics: Acids vs. Enzymes

Join Christine Byer, licensed esthetician for 21 years, as she offers PRO tips on exfoliation. What should you use and how often? When should you use an acid …


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  1. Your right about gycolic acid one to two times a week for me anymore and I'm inflamed and dry as I use the dermalogica powder one a bit its ok or pacifica emzines powder there great for makeing your retinols vitamin c and active work better.

  2. Thank you for your great advice, I use the same techniques as you. I use acids when I feel like I need an extra perk to relieve some dullness.
    I use enzymatic when I need a little boost when my skin is looking relatively good.
    I use these all in combination now with Tretinoin as nearing 39 I think I finally need something a little stronger to help my skin.
    Thank you for all your advice, hugs from Ireland 🤗💚☘

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