RISK REACTION | Tobacco Control Experts Call for Re-Think on Vaping | RegWatch

It is a remarkable development in the contentious debate over nicotine vaping. A group of influential tobacco control experts authored a paper, published in The …


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  1. When I first started bodybuilding, I could tell how smoking was not making it easy for me. Then when I managed to find a stable vape supply, I switched over. Now I can run and workout without wheezing. Plus no more coughing throughout the day, or bad smelly fingers and clothes. I feel so much healthier. It is just dumb that they want to make vaping illegal.

  2. All I can say is, It's About Effing Time!!! Where was this SRNT group back in 2009 or even 2013, or even 2018/19/20? Looks like some of your recent interviewees, and also you, Brent, yourself, have made some ground in making sense to those in seats of control and power, and many in past seats, according to the list of esteemed authors of this paper. This is truly great news!!! Maybe as the Chair of FDA's Tobacco Product Scientific Advisory Committee, she can help coax FDA to pass more PMTAs and back off from the negativity that's constantly fed to them by CDC. Don't count on CDC backing down from its stance in the slightest, at least not a first, but maybe she (and the paper's team) can handle CDC in some way(s), too.

    OK, if nicotine from vaping can damage the brains of kids and youth, then so can nicotine from smoking cigarettes, so which source is less harmful? Ban e-cigs because of that? This is a completely stupid argument. And now it's admitted that there isn't even any evidence at all from human research to support the notion that nicotine can do any kind of brain damage at all. Not even including the up-to-60% of the population that smoked in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Fascinating. Rats get affected? Yes. People? We just don't know. C'mon, people!!! Stop making up stories and lying. Concerns are one thing, but Facts are another.

    Actually, the UK has likely had and still has just as many kids and youth vaping as the USA, but the numbers probably aren't Conflated (by CDC and others) like they are here. So there's a likely answer to why the UK doesn't show evidence of a "Youth Vaping Epidemic." If a kid or youth admits to trying an e-cig ONE TIME on a survey, then he/she is added to a list of Dedicated Vapers and probably never removed. That's how you create the illusion of a "Youth Vaping Epidemic." LIES from CDC, just like EVALI. CDC knew the cause of the lung injuries and deaths just days after it started, but used it to create the Perfect Storm to destroy the vaping industry in America, and, therefore, around the world… and it's almost worked to completion.

    How can cannabis be legalized and normalized, but nicotine cannot be? Nicotine, like caffeine, is a stimulant, but who's trying to ban coffee? Who's trying to ban tomatoes? Who's trying to ban nightshade vegetables? Normalizing nicotine for vaping would be an essential step. Cigarettes are OK, but vaping is not? Cannabis is OK, but vaping is not? Something is horribly wrong here!!!

    I was quite disappointed that she couldn't or wouldn't answer the final question, saying that FDA is too secretive about what it's doing and is going to do, but that's not surprising, either.

    Thank you, Dr. Robin J Mermelstein, to you and your team!!! Good luck with your efforts and thanks for the great work!!! Thank you, Brent, for such a wonderful interview with such hopeful information!!! It's full of potential. Thanks for everything you do for us and keep up the good fight and great work.

  3. Millions of smokers would be willing to try these products if they weren't so drastically misinformed.

    I highly doubt that nicotine replacement products would be freely available for kids above 12 years if "nicotine worms" would eat up the adolescent brain. I also highly doubt that doctors, public health/tobacco control and the FDA would recommend nicotine replacement therapy for teenagers if there would be any real proof that nicotine harms teenage brains. And finally I'm sure that they all know how essential flavors are, otherwise FDA approved nicotine replacement therapy products wouldn't come in yummy flavors.

    Aside from the fact that humans are not rats, "altering" the brain doesn't necessarily mean something negative. We always hear about studies showing that nicotine alters the brain of young rodents. So what? Taking into account what we know about nicotine the probability that they benefit from it is high! No one has ever proven that nicotine harmed the brain of teen rodents.

    A great interview, Brent. Thank you.

  4. Definitely a great interview
    Excellent job Brent Stafford, and your guest Robin J Mermelstein. I liked what she had to say. A Sharp Lady, Our current FDA staff could use some of her wisdom

  5. I live in the UK, there is vape shops in some hospitals and patients that smoke are being given starter kits as an aid to get them to quit. The health service is promoting vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. We have not seen the teen epidemic over here, which may be due to the fact we have a 20mg nicotine limit.

  6. There's so much miss information out there about vaping that it's going to take a very big tugboat to turn it around.
    The UK seems to know best , but the USA + CANADA can't figure it out !
    It's about saving lives period….. Thanks for releasing this very important information .

  7. Enforce the laws that are already in place. If they wanna keep hiding behind the youth then take alcohol and everything 18/21+ off the market. They literally can’t find anything wrong with vaping so they’ll ride that youth wagon till the wheels fall off

  8. Thanks very much, a very smart guest, but they can’t half ass their message, we don’t have time to pussy foot around the lies. They need to call out the bullshit. T21 didn’t change a thing, no smoker turned 18 and started smoking, we all started a lot younger. Nicotine didn’t brain damage any smoker as they well know, the rat study is rubbish, they need to call out the WHO and all the countries that have banned vaping, we all know the garbage put out by Bloomberg and his cronies. Where were they for so long watching state after state ban this life saving device.

  9. I'm sending this to my local tv station . What a wonderful interview! At last we hear from true scientists with common sense. They all need to listen to EX smokers who vaped to Quit Smoking! There are Millions of us!

  10. Does vape help quit smoking! I was a 3 pack a day smoker over 40 years smoker, I tried everything to quit and i mean EVERYTHING. Nothing was left untried to quit. As a last attempt to quit I tried a vape on June 12/ 2016 And have not touched a Cigarette since!

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