LIFE UPDATE + mental health + MOVING?! + my experience with CBD

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  1. CBD has helped my anxiety so much. I had a hard time finding the right product and company after trying countless bottles of CBD oil a friend recommend Eden's Herbals, I would highly recommend them. They have both full spectrum and isolate! Fast free shipping too!!

  2. Thank you so much for opening up and talking about your mental health. Some of us really understand where you are coming from and It’s so important to take care of ourselves all around. Love you Sarah 🤍
    P.s I’m obsessed with your dark hair!!!

  3. Hey girl, I really appreciate you for talking about mental health. Social media has a way of making us feel like we’re not good enough and it’s seriously so toxic at times. Sending you lots of love and good luck on your move to Florida ❤️

  4. Awh girl im so sorry you were sick!

    We like these vulnerable sit down talks.

    We do need to talk more about our struggles.

    I struggle with anxiety and depression for years

    Excited for your move and journey!

  5. LOVE THIS, love how open you are & I’m so happy you found things that help. Life moves whether you’re ready or not YES so embrace the change. Totally agree I could never move back to my hometown. I’m near my college town right now & I love it!! I am SO happy for you, can’t wait to follow along your journey 💛

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