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Top 3 Cannabis ETFs to Buy & Hold Before Legalization!

In this video, I share The Top 3 Best Cannabis ETFs to Buy & Hold Before Federal Legalization in the United States! Check out my Instagram …


11 thoughts on “Top 3 Cannabis ETFs to Buy & Hold Before Legalization!

  1. Check out the pros of investing in the U.S. cannabis industry here:

  2. Huge upside! MSOS seems like a good one

  3. I've dabbled in Cannabis stocks, some of these ETFs as well. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the US legalize.

  4. I mean, at some point, I'll likely dip at least a toe into this market, but I don't like trying to catch falling knives. I'll wait until I see a clear bottom in this sector.

  5. What about the Canadian ETF, HMMJ (Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index)? Tracks very similar to the ETFs presented.

  6. Nick has the best speaking voice. I could listen to him read the dictionary.

  7. Thank You for all of your videos that you did. I am enjoying all of them

  8. Love ETF investing! Definitely a safer way to gain exposure to cannabis

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