Start The Downswing Like This To Hit GREAT IRON SHOTS

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  1. Eric, You misnamed the video. It is perhaps one of the best videos I have ever witnessed on how to control the low point of the swing arc. This is all about low point control that is so critical to ball turf contact. The main point of the video is (not how to start the downswing though that figures into it,) is ball turf contact or taking the divot in front of the ball. For that you need a lateral and a rotary motion that your video so brilliantly describes is done.

  2. Eric, thankyou.. this video lesson is worth its weight in gold πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
    Nice mantra, il be working on this in an hour when i get the the range.
    I struggle to keep my ball flight down, and i play links golf πŸ˜…

  3. Heh Eric
    Great content as ever…
    I have a question!!!
    I managed to get some money together and purchase a liveview system but….disappointed to discover it needs wifi , how do you achieve video recording in the field.
    Kind regards
    Dave G
    Norfolk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  4. Nice breakdown. This is like exactly what I have been 'feeling' the past two weeks at the range.
    Took it to the course last weekend and was over shooting my targets. Beautiful ball flights…not quite on line, but most were longer than expected.

  5. I see the right hand and right arm drill, how much is the right hand and arm involved in actual swing? Are you more pulling with left and right is along for the ride? Or are you push through with right? And what his grip pressure on both hands on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being tightest? Thank you

  6. Recently have been working on this very thing. (Seems to always be this way with you, lol)
    I’d like to add the importance of feeling the connected arms, shoulders and torso to allow for a hip turn controlled swing over an arm controlled one.

  7. Good visual Eric. 3 questions: How much weight on the leftheel at the top of the backswing, how much weight is transferred to the left toe/heel before or as you start down and at what point does the left leg straighten? Appreciate how you teach. Stay safe-Russ

  8. Hi Eric you never cease to amaze me I've been trying to find a thought that would help me with my hips 64 years of frustration has finally ended only one thing left tell me how to become 30 years old again thanks Jim

  9. This was awesome. Great visual tools to work with, the buckle to the ball on the target line and getting the right shoulder under you. I'll be working this at the range today. Thank you very much.

  10. very nice tips, this is helpful. One question, do you "throw" your back shoulder to the target or is it going int that direction as a result of everything you did prior ?

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