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Singapore CBD Tanjong Pagar Walking Tour (4K UHD)

OnederlustLife presents a virtual walking tour around Singapore Tanjong Pagar District. From Tanjong Pagar MRT, to Shenton Way Bridge. Filmed on August …


22 thoughts on “Singapore CBD Tanjong Pagar Walking Tour (4K UHD)

  1. So nice upload, beautiful walking tour there. Full played and liked. Thanks for sharing dear. All the best. Have a wonderful day, see you.

  2. Thanks for taking us along! Singapore is beautiful!👍👍😊😊
    Take care and best wishes!
    See ya!!

  3. waw amazing..
    i want to create like this content,,
    what equipment do you use?
    thx for sharing my friend… Bali Indonesia Rantau Creator..

  4. That's a good spot to do a walk. Nice buildings, lovely scenery. 👍😄

  5. It's a beautiful view. ❤️😍

    Thank you for sharing the video.

  6. Wonderful place at Tanjung Pagar with amazing buildings around there. The street is clean and comfortable to explore. I like it ! Have a great day my friend 👍😘❤️

  7. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and relaxing walking tour!

  8. great area!!! love your walk my friend! very stable and relaxing to watch 🙂

  9. So cool 👍 Great video 🇨🇦🇰🇷

  10. Great video thanks for sharing 😄👍

  11. Great Post as always. Really enjoyed the video. Stay connected mate 😇❤🤝🙋‍♀️✌

  12. Hello,excellent videoThanks for sharing Have a nice day

  13. Hello dear friend
    Very beautiful area

  14. Thanks for nice walk!
    I enjoyed a lot 🙂

  15. Your walking tour is interesting.
    This is very beautiful city.

  16. Hi friend.very nice plc tangjung pagar. So long year I never c.1year I again can c this plc. Enjoy and happy to c.thank u friends.

  17. Interesting to watch with nice scenes, lots to see… very cool👌 and a big thumb 👍
    New subscriber.

  18. Another excellent walk. Thank you.

  19. Great Video . I give it a "like".
    Do keep it up
    Stay connected
    Like #Q

  20. Singapore is so green , great video, thank for sharing

  21. An immense pleasure to be able to see the world with you, experience all the small details in your video. Thank you! Amazing job! : 0

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