Ranking These 14 League Winners | Who to Draft and When to Draft Them (2021 Fantasy Football)

Joey P. and Yates welcome Adam Murfet (5 Yard Rush) to present their league winners to target in 2021! Who are the guys that will change your fantasy football …


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  1. Timestamps:
    Introduction – 0:00:00
    David Montgomery – 0:08:26
    Trey Sermon – 0:11:11
    Darrell Henderson – 0:14:26
    Tony Jones Jr. – 0:17:57
    James Robinson – 0:19:27
    Jaylen Waddle – 0:23:32
    Robby Anderson – 0:25:21
    Robert Woods – 0:29:49
    Keenan Allen – 0:33:14
    Michael Pittman – 0:36:09
    Tom Brady – 0:38:08
    Trey Lance – 0:41:23
    Jonnu Smith – 0:45:09
    Tyler Higbee – 0:47:20
    Recap – 0:49:27
    Listener Mailbag – 0:50:00
    Kenny Golladay – 0:50:05
    A.J. Brown – 0:51:56

  2. General claims against Montgomery: Cohen and Williams. My counter claims: Cohens knee is smashed and already out first 6 weeks. Do people honestly think Cohen is coming in and stealing significant touches? As for Williams, he will take Pattersons role. Patterson role is not new, therefore this is not considered change.

  3. TB12 has 0 downside. He is the safest pick there is. You cant be the GOAT, have 3 no1 WRs, 2 great TEs, a great O-line, Great coaches, A great Def, 3 good RBs, and not pay well. IMPOSIBLE!

  4. Love seeing our co-founder and lead analyst hit a big time show. Murf has been killing it in the UK for years and it’s great to see him on the big stage. We are all so proud of him and I know he’s gonna help people win titles this year. He’s hosting our many show which can be found on our channel every Monday (although next 2 weeks will be Tuesday) so hope you check him out there.

  5. Yo I'm in a 16 team PPR league. We were allowed to trade picks and long story short, I have Lamar, Montgomery, ____, Lamb, Woods,Gronk, Diontae Johnson. My rb 2 choices right now are Javonte Williams, Michael Carter, and James white. I know Javonte Williams should eventually be my rb2 by week 7 but for the first couple weeks, who should I play?

  6. As an American expat in the UK, Murph has put in an incredible amount of research into a foreign sport here, even throwing in college stats – collegiate sports are dust here relative to the US

  7. Greetings from Germany.

    Need your advices for the "Down Set Talk Fantasy Bundesliga". Over 1200 People playing in over 100 Leagues which are tiered and you can move up or down for the next Season!

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