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Huge chronic illness GIVEAWAY *$1,000 worth of things*

Huge chronic illness giveaway! Giveaway winners will be chosen on Friday, September 17th, 2021! They will be reached out to on Instagram, so keep your eyes …


18 thoughts on “Huge chronic illness GIVEAWAY *$1,000 worth of things*

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  2. Melissa.a.Deming
    1, 2, 8, 9, 12-13
    Yes! I’ve watched several of your videos and you’ve inspired me to look into my chronic pain and seek an actual diagnosis.

  3. a14anderson
    Subscribed 🙂

  4. a14anderson

  5. a14anderson

  6. a14anderson
    POTS giveaway
    Following you! TYSM Izzy

  7. YAY IZZY! Been watching your videos for years, it created a really great environment and showed me a community of people just like me, and you made me feel less alone living with a disease it feel like nobody knows exists

  8. a14anderson
    Embr Wave 2
    subscribed and following

  9. @landefeld_marie
    Giveaways: 2, 8 & 9
    Yes, new follower with recent EDS diagnosis. I think I have POTS as well. You were the first YouTuber I found and it has been very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  10. I found out I have h-EDS and POTs very recently and your channel is a dream for me 🤍✨

  11. Congrats on 30k!!! I am entering for giveaway #1, 12 and 13. Thanks so much for doing this, it is a super cool idea!

  12. HUGE congrats on the 30k!! 🥳🎉 And on coming so far in general, on your way to a career in genetic counselling! I feel honoured to be following your journey ❤️

  13. Congrats on 30K Izzy I'm so happy for you. Id like to enter for giveaways # 2, #8,#9, and #13. I was diagnosed with hEDS a couple months ago after over 20 years of searching for answers to what was wrong with me. Your videos have helped me learn so much about my condition and how to manage my symptoms. Thank you so much for all you do.

  14. The salt pills would also be very very helpful I have to have 5000 mg of salts daily and that’s a lot to intake so it would really really help to have some different salt options i as well deal with horrible nausea which I am on a couple medicines for so that would be a God send

  15. The embr wave would be so so helpful for me I have pots / dysautonomia and they have put me on a fairly high dose of a beta blocker so it makes me super duper cold sometime but with my pots my temperature control is out of wack so sometimes it goes to super hot so having that would be a LIFE SAVER instead of jacket no jacket fan no fan it’s always such a hassle and a bit embarrassing

  16. @sj_pumpkin8pie
    Embr Wave, Zoom, Pain, and POTS giveaways.
    Congratulations on 30k! I really like your channel, and I'm glad I found it.

  17. Signing up for giveaway #3-5 Vitassium. I would like to try salt pills because it sound healthier than eating chips all the time 😁😂

  18. Hi Izzy! I'm subscriber in korea. And congrats on the 30K!! I'm so sad about I can't join for USA or UK or EU:( But I'm so happy about Sticker giveaway!! Thank you:)

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