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What is The Crypto Cannabis Club? 🪴

In this video we do a deep dive on the Crypto Cannabis Club nft project. Discord Invite : #nft #nfts #CryptoCannaClub …


14 thoughts on “What is The Crypto Cannabis Club? 🪴

  1. Today I bought my first NFT and it was Crypto Cannabis! 😀

  2. FYI I’m pretty sure it’s sub 3K rarity not in order of minting.

  3. Fire community! 🔥 welcome!

  4. This is an interesting project for sure. It seems like it will do well 🙏🏼

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love the staking too. I want to buy my first one before they🚀🚀. Are they easy to buy?

  6. Thanks Gale, how do you know what’s considered a “good buy” ?

  7. Did you have to wrap your eth to buy these?

  8. Mike Tyson and Mark Cuban were gifted their tokers but Gary Vee bought his. Love the fact we own all rights to our tokers seen people selling posters of theirs.

  9. Good content as always bro👍

  10. Keep dropping that knowledge!!

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