#Cockatiels: 3 Easy Ways I'm Bonding With My Babies & Still Letting Them Develop #Parrot_Bliss

Baby_Cockatiels #Bonding #Parrots There is no better time to bond with a parrot than when they are babies. In addition to being cute and sweet, if they have …


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  1. I love the way you handle things when it comes to parrots. Cockatiels are docile and calm but then again can be really shy. I have one, but she's getting braver and braver everyday. When we got her she was sacred of hands like fire but now she's stepping up and jumps on our hands in order to get those laptop keys it's really funny it's like a game to her who will get to the laptop first.
    She knows when is bedtime and doesn't complain couse she knows we won't hurt her or do anything against her will. Even tho she refuses scriches I don't even mind that anymore I love her so much.

  2. About Briget (is that so?)
    I’ve just read tbe news of a woman who was prohibited of visiting a zoo somewhere cause for he last 4 years or so she’d be going there and developing a “relationship” with a monkey (throwing kisses, waving,…) and this way the ape was looked down by the other ones and spent his time all alone when she was not there.

  3. Very happy to hear what you’re saying! We love animals and being around them, but helping to keep their essence and worrying about companionship for them that is not US is really a must;)) Oh my God, can’t imagine being the only one of my species somewhere, with nobody understanding my language, my manners, my real needs

  4. Sad news! I am not getting a bird because I might be in a concentration camp becsuse I am not vaxed by next year. I will never put anything in me that harms myself or others! Glad you are having a great time with your birds.

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