West Virginia at Maryland | Extended Highlights | Terps Get Tested | Sept. 4, 2021

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  1. I really want to beat Penn State this year! It's a lot like Washington and Dallas in the NFL they could lose the rest of the games just beat Dallas and they could lose the rest of the games just beat Penn State

  2. A little nugget here. The winner of this match up has went on to win at least 8+ ball games every season since 2000. This match up is as good a barometer for either team as it’s gets. All I’m saying is don’t be surprise if Maryland legit push OSU for the Big East divisional crown 🐢🐢🐢

  3. As a Die hard Terps fan this W is so much satisfying when you think about HOW we got it. Wasn’t no blowout wasn’t no running up the score just a good HARD fought W against a rival that’s been dominating us for about a decade now. The speed and athleticism difference was very apparent. We had better athletes than WVU haven’t been able to say that since early 2000’s under Ralph. What Locksley has done to this 2 deep in just 2 full years will be a 30 for 30 worthwhile in the future. This roster can COMPETE with anyone on our schedule we might be young but there are Future NFL guys up and down our 2 deep now. WATCH OUT Big Ten 🐢🐢🐢💥

  4. The culture of this Terps squad is much better. Winning comes from believing, performing, trusting each other, and really putting in the work. And Coach Locks and staff are giving these players the answers they need to succeed!! Go Terps!!

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