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#Parrotlet Fun: Helping With Science Homework Time #Parrot_Bliss

So just having fun today with Sashi, our #Parrotlet! — HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT PARROTS? Finding Bliss for you and your parents through diet, bonding and …


4 thoughts on “#Parrotlet Fun: Helping With Science Homework Time #Parrot_Bliss

  1. If I hear my daughter say my conure ate her homework ill say yeah rite lol

  2. My goodness! She’s in another state.That really is bliss!😘❤️

  3. Oh my she's sooooooo adorable that's for sure. I hope you're right re biting. Some days my parrotlet is relatively bite free & other days he's a real pain, literally!!! But he is still young so there's hope

  4. So sweet and helpful?! lol Good luck on science project.

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