Its okay to smoke CBD 8/28/2021 | My workplace ( Wendy's) was suppose to get a remodel this week 😠

In this video I talk about how frustrated I am about my district & head manager lying to me about the date for the remodeling of the place which I work. All they did …


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  1. Cbd is a godsend. It doesnt handle my social anxiety tho, but I go baseline and have less negative thoughts. Pregabalin os the only drug to remove a lot of my social anxiety. But it only works well long term if you go 3 days between dosing. The withdrawals are 10x worse than opiates, so you gotta respekt this drug if you can get it prescribed. Just dont tell them you will be going 3 days between, since they have no effing clue what they are doing with the drugs. Also, I dont find it to be addictive, but if you have an addictive personality i would advise not to use it. I have heard horror stories from the withdrawals. You will respekt this drug when you feel it. But it works wonders on my social anxiety at the right dosage. Slightly uplifting, but taking it every day like docs say will render it useless long term. Its very strong. Alright Hope you can use this

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