Biden Dishonors The Memory Of 9/11

I was 27 on September 11, 2001 and filled with all of the sense of invincibility that comes with being 27. I was driving back to my townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia coming from Frederick, Maryland.

It was a stunningly beautiful morning and I had the windows down and sunroof open listening to whatever was in my CD player (most likely Bowie at that time). I pulled over at a gas station in Maryland to use the bathroom and as I walked out of the convenient store I saw the cashier glued to a small TV and I heard Tom Brokaw’s voice.

I continued to walk out and head to my car thinking to myself how odd it was to hear Tom Brokaw’s voice on in the morning. I stepped into my car, switched over from CD player to radio and then I heard.

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A plane had crashed into the one of the World Trade Center buildings, in what they thought was an accident, and then a second plane hit the second building in what was now an obvious act of terrorism. Then a third plane crashed into the Pentagon.

My drive home to Alexandria that day took me within view of the smoking Pentagon.

I got home, yelled to wake up my roommate who worked nights, and then sat glued to the television. Horrified, terrified, and in shock I watched as the events of 9/11 unfolded. As the towers fell. As the plane went down in Pennsylvania.

I knew the world had changed forever that day.

Over the last week, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on that day in September 20 years ago. Reflecting on what we lost on that day – our innocence – and what we lost in the next 20 years – the sense of oneness we had after September 11th.

I had hoped that some of the coverage of the 20th anniversary would bring Americans back together – even if only for a day or so and even if only in remembering our grief.

It was against this backdrop that I watched President Joe Biden deliver the angriest and most divisive speech of his ugly Presidency.

At a moment when the nation should be putting aside our differences to remember the tragedy of 9/11, Biden chose to pit American vs. American as he rolled out his new “COVID plan.”

Biden’s plan is fundamentally offensive, Constitutionally suspect, and appallingly un-American, but it is Biden’s tone, tenor, and timing that is really so reprehensible.

The same President Biden who it was earlier announced wouldn’t be speaking on September 11, choosing instead to tape a piece to be released on that date, chose to go in front of the American people just two days before this most solemn of anniversaries and tell one set of Americans that another set of Americans are dangerous and should be treated as the enemy.

The decision to deliver this speech when he did and how he did marks an absolute new low for a man who ran for President promising to unite America.

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It is understandable that Biden wants to change the subject from the debacle in Afghanistan, and given Biden’s plummeting poll numbers, it is understandable that Biden and his team wanted this pivot to happen soon.

To pivot on the graves of the Americans who died on 9/11, however, is as ghoulish as it is completely tone deaf.

The truth is that Biden – not the American people – has failed when it comes to combatting COVID and that Biden – not his predecessor – has failed when it came to successfully ending the war in Afghanistan.

Biden’s policies are reckless, his administration is incompetent and now he has revealed himself to be absolutely heartless.

This is not a man fit to be President.

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