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Person dead, people with stab wounds after wild brawl in Blacktown | 7NEWS

A shocking brawl in Blacktown overnight has left one teenager dead, and three others with stab wounds. Police are now trying to work out what led to the fight at …


46 thoughts on “Person dead, people with stab wounds after wild brawl in Blacktown | 7NEWS

  1. i think it is gang related. its definitely gang related.
    A man stabbed in blacktown and as the reporter said it was just last week there was young kids involved in another murder

  2. How dangerous are the streets with those people?

  3. All of those people should be charged

  4. They shouldn't be out past curfew…. the stabber was just doing the police work. Give that man a medal.

  5. post code war with the same brown paint "MISSION BROWN" AND DRIVEWAY IS TYRE TRACKS THROUGH THE FRONT LAWN

  6. Pity they never ask about the ethnicities involved.


  8. Tired of lockdown I bet.

  9. Did he die from the stab wound or taking his mask off trying to breathe during the fight? Probably the latter. I know people who been stabbed dozens of times and survived. Must have been that darn Covid. How dare they try stand up to Covid.

  10. Rip orbski❤️❤️

  11. found out where the police were at this time. youtube video "Police in Melbourne SECRETLY FILMED trying to stitch up 'freedom fighter" by Avi Yemini. They were falsely charging someone while the whole conversation was secretly recorded.

  12. We need to carry guns now it's crazy

  13. Nobody mentioned the real reason ; DRUGS !!…kids as young as 14 and 15 years old are involved in drug addiction and dealing !…drugs are everywhere !…even in primary schools !…Police are too busy chasing drvers and smokers for fines but they avoid messing with drug gangs and real criminals !

  14. Lockdown curfew works

  15. That's what happens when you're in tick

  16. Waiting for leaders of their community to blame Anglo Aussies for their kids behaviours. God forbid they take responsibility for the issues in their own cultures.

  17. A lot of problems in communities are being ignored by the police.

    They wait for a crime to happen, there’s no prevention.

  18. More cultural enrichment

  19. Onefour on speaker on the trains lad

  20. Ah the magic words ,Sydneys west.Cultural enrichment at its best.


  22. Maybe you should let them out of their household,before they blow a gasket.

  23. What makes 15 year olds do this?????? I dont get it

  24. They get bail and 2 weeks jail.

  25. Wouldn’t have happened if they complied with the public health orders.

  26. why were they outside after curfew hours and did they have a mask

  27. It doesn’t matter what there ethnicity or colour they are the future of our beautiful country. My country ❤️🇦🇺

  28. Blacktown do u need to say anymore

  29. People need to calm down

  30. The Afghans there bringing in will be the same

  31. The cause is most likely money, drugs or girls , but hey I'm no police investigator.

  32. It’s shocking that this is happening in my neighbourhood. Sad

  33. The lockdown effect that’s the plan to make people fight between them and we be another Afghanistan 🇦🇫and it’s working it happened in USA 🇺🇸

  34. That’s disgusting 🤮

  35. Nobody helped them? Omg. Poor kids.

  36. 1:48 where do you buy those brown face masks

  37. Well I hope yr pleased premier's this what extended lockdowns do meanwhile people r being charged for being in a park and everyone dies of covid nothing else only cause of death in aus

  38. How can that be it's a area of concern there's a curfew 9pm to 5am been told there's a chopper that circulates around that loverly law abiding suburban

  39. 4480 ErOmAnGa BoIz 4 LiFe come get some meet ya at the back of bilo AT 4:20

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