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45 MIN KILLER TABATA HIIT – Full Body Cardio Workout – No Equipment, No Repeat

45 min Killer HIIT – Tabata style! Let’s work the full-body team with this killer cardio combo. Bodyweight-only and no-repeat exercises – means no excuses!


28 thoughts on “45 MIN KILLER TABATA HIIT – Full Body Cardio Workout – No Equipment, No Repeat

  1. Hey team, this is our "BIT TOO LATE" 800K SPECIAL!!! It's time to celebrate together with 45 mins of Tabata FUN 🥳 Who else loves tabata style HIIT like me?? 🤗

  2. You are a machine! I can‘t do this by far 🙈… perhaps i‘m too old… and as a mom of 2 Kids, Working and so on- there isn‘t much time left for Sports 😢

  3. So hard but i love it = ) Thanks !!

  4. Mil gracias Anna ! me encanta y veo resultados!

  5. top — but too much for me ! grazie

  6. It’s soooo tired 😶‍🌫️

  7. Danke Anna, mega gut. Wirklich. Ich hab einige Übungen mit kleinen kurzhanteln ergänzt. Das werde ich morgen sicherlich bereuen. 😅

  8. I love this workout so much! At some points I thought I gonna yell at someone if there's another burpee variation in the next 20 seconds lol But honestly i had so much fun!!! And 20 seconds made it feel like going by really fast too!!! Another thing I really really like this workout is the music/set-up… Usually I don't like those typical TABATA routine which counts down for you and tells you at which round as I feel very distracting. Simply a timer is already good enough for me so this one is just like PERFECT! Thank you Anna!!

  9. I loved Bear walk ⭐⭐🎀

  10. Hello there…I really really liked this one…you have such a variety of exercises !!!!!🤗 Lots of love from INDIA.

  11. That was amazing thanks Anna.👍👍👍

  12. I didn't feel like doing a workout today, but now that I did one I feel amazing! Thank you for putting in your hard work, and for sharing with us!

  13. Every 👏Single👏Muscle 👏 Will 👏Work

  14. Hey ✨ kannst du auch mal nur ein Standing tabata Workout machen?

  15. i enjoyed this soooo much. must be one of my favourite workouts yet

  16. Fabulous workout! Thank you!

  17. Hi can you please do more 45 minutes Tabata cardio! Or just 45 minutes cardio!

  18. First time doing your workout. It was awesome. Love that you include a warmup and cool down. 😎

  19. I had a great time with you. You are beautiful and the blue color suits you very well 💙

  20. If I could, I would give it 5 thumbs up!!! This was an awesome workout. I LOVE TABATA!!! THANKS for your workouts, motivation, and challenging work!!!!!!! Hooray for you!!!

  21. WARNING THIS WORKOUT IS DANGEROUS AS YOU CAN SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE SAY" I'll update everyday blablabla" BUT THEY NEVER DO!! I guess they died. RIP💀

  22. this one is really hard but it made me feel good and i feel proud of myself for completing it. thank you so much! ❤️

  23. Hi, it's 👍 great workouts and music 🎶 👏👏👏

  24. Discovering the channel is probably the best thing that has happened to me this year.

    I loved this workout so much because I know that no matter how hard the exercise is, it’ll be over in 20 seconds😂

  25. What shall I say about this workout. Sweat, sweat and sweat. My gym owner called me yesterday I said no I am not joining the gym, I got my personal trainer on YouTube channel. Thanks Anna for such a fun loving motivational workouts.

  26. Super high five and congratulations on your new milestone!!
    Thank you for your hard work!!

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