2021 Homeless Veterans Benefit Car Show

In this special event video, Taryl and Co visit the 2021 Rust Belt Rebellion Veterans Center Car Show and show you what all the show has to offer. Lots of fun to …


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  1. Hurray!! Another delta variant super spreader event!! Man would that suck to survive a war then come home and die from covid because no one was wearing a mask. Being homeless blows. But dying of covid is worse. I’m moving to Indiana! Looks like covid doesn’t live there. God help y’all.

  2. Tayrl you're a wonderful fellow caring knowledgeable I haven't been a loyal viewer at times but I always come back and I was searching for the ship cruise vacation video today and I can't seem to find it , and by the way it was hysterical, can you give me a little heads up on how I can find it?

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