The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 6th September 2021 || UPSC Current Affairs || Prelims 2021 & Mains

In this video, we have discussed the essential news articles from different editions of “The Hindu” News Paper. This video decodes relevance of each article by …


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    ►►Introduction – 0:0

    ►►List of Topics – 0:11

    1. Important Terminologies – Hycean World and Hexane (Exoplanets, Gas-giants, Terrestrial, Super-Earths, Neptunian, Hexane and its uses) – 2:19

    2. The judicial role in improving lawmaking (OPED) – 11:47

    3. Better prospects of Singur, Nizamsagar dams getting surplus – 19:32

    4. Weak dollar helps precious metals get back some shine – 23:07

    5. Is the govt. pulling off a balancing act between two communities? – 29:33

    6. Logistics agreement with Russia to be signed soon – 35:55

    7. The key to revitalising India’s reservation system (Editorial) – 40:46

    8. Only locals in Ladakh to get ‘Resident Certificate’ – 49:48

    9. Prelims Practice Questions – 52:32

    10. Mains Practice Questions – 56:48

  2. Question on logistic aggrement article , showing correct option is australia,japan,usa ,
    May you explain how, because on the article and in notes of it, there is no discussion about australia and japan

  3. Correct answer is C

    Dear ma'am
    In MCX question
    In india derivatives are traded in NSE and BSE statement 2
    Only commodities trade are executed in MCX
    Can you please elaborate as it is doubting me

    Thanks maam for the great session

    And one more doubt as I wanted to subscribe for test series with SIA so what is the process.

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