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The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 6th September 2021 || UPSC Current Affairs || Prelims 2021 & Mains

In this video, we have discussed the essential news articles from different editions of “The Hindu” News Paper. This video decodes relevance of each article by …


48 thoughts on “The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 6th September 2021 || UPSC Current Affairs || Prelims 2021 & Mains

  1. Handwritten Notes:

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    Time Stamping –

    ►►Introduction – 0:0

    ►►List of Topics – 0:11

    1. Important Terminologies – Hycean World and Hexane (Exoplanets, Gas-giants, Terrestrial, Super-Earths, Neptunian, Hexane and its uses) – 2:19

    2. The judicial role in improving lawmaking (OPED) – 11:47

    3. Better prospects of Singur, Nizamsagar dams getting surplus – 19:32

    4. Weak dollar helps precious metals get back some shine – 23:07

    5. Is the govt. pulling off a balancing act between two communities? – 29:33

    6. Logistics agreement with Russia to be signed soon – 35:55

    7. The key to revitalising India’s reservation system (Editorial) – 40:46

    8. Only locals in Ladakh to get ‘Resident Certificate’ – 49:48

    9. Prelims Practice Questions – 52:32

    10. Mains Practice Questions – 56:48

  2. EV Ramasamy is wrongly inputed as EV Periaswamy

  3. Question on logistic aggrement article , showing correct option is australia,japan,usa ,
    May you explain how, because on the article and in notes of it, there is no discussion about australia and japan

  4. How gold and dollar are inversely related. Kindly explain mam through reply. Referring to 28:34 (Any aspirant also who knows this kindly explain) .

  5. Thank you ma'am.

    Answer of MCQ
    (c). 3 only.

  6. 35:17
    1. He's Periyar E.V Ramasami
    2. You're identifying a anti-caste crusader with his caste surname… Seriously SIAS?

  7. Exoplanet Question: Ans. Option (c)-3 Only _SuperEarths lighter than Neptune

  8. Option c). 3 only is correct…

  9. Where can I send my answers?

  10. Mam
    C option is the ans bcz super earth have varied sizes though more thn earth but lytr thn neptune

  11. Thank you ma'am…. option C ma'am

  12. the answer is option c

  13. 28:02 maam can u pls explain why will the farmer gain when the option contract has expired? If it has expired then the buyer has no obligation to purchase the produce.

  14. C is the right answer

  15. Good afternoon noon maam..
    Is this analysis video will sufficient for current affairs for prelims exam?

  16. Thank you so much mam 🙏

  17. Correct answer is C

    Dear ma'am
    In MCX question
    In india derivatives are traded in NSE and BSE statement 2
    Only commodities trade are executed in MCX
    Can you please elaborate as it is doubting me

    Thanks maam for the great session

    And one more doubt as I wanted to subscribe for test series with SIA so what is the process.

  18. Happy Teachers day keerthana mam!

  19. Oru paisa tamizhan was renamed as Tamilan in 1907. ☮️

  20. Answer is option C, 3 only.. Thank you….. Mam

  21. Happy Teacher's Day to You All

  22. Hello Ma'am,
    Answer For Last Question
    Correct Answe is Option – C

  23. Option c is the answer for MCQ

  24. Option C is the correct answer

  25. 'C' is correct for last answer

  26. Option c – Practice Prelims Qs

  27. Happy teacher's day mam 🎉🎉🎉❣️❣️❣️

  28. Answer for exoplanet question is {C} – Only 3 is correct.

  29. What is the meaning of oped article and faq article?

  30. Answer : option c) 3 only, since super Earth vary from size of twice the size to earth to 10 times – lighter than Uranus and Neptune

  31. Madam one request @ 35.18 Instead of EV Ramasamy Nayakar…you have mentioned as Periyasamy Naicker..Kindly Rectify ..

  32. Answer C
    Thanks for today's CA

  33. Thank you team 🙂🙂🙏🙏

  34. Happy teachers day to all of your team mam

  35. Thank you so much ma'am ❤️🙏

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