Foliar Spray for Weed – Is it Worth Doing? [CLtv Live 8-29-21]

Is foliar spraying plants worth the time and effort? Like most things in the garden, it depends on your situation and preference. But what are the benefits and what …


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  1. Lol I just had my kush berry plant take the smell of mushrooms. I left a bag open beside the tent for a cpl days and I guess the terms leached into the kush berry, the Pineapple Express, zkittlez, and pink lemonade were all fine when I harvested but the kush berry smells straight up like mushrooms lol

  2. Intro music still a bit too loud, but now the mix of your mics is way better than just a month ago, Trey was too quiet for a long time! Sorry, it's the sound engineer in me talking hehe

  3. Yep weed takes on the smells of the things around it. Can confirm. If you grow things outside in the maritimes where the air is salty and stinks a lot, you get that oldschool homegrown skunk taste no one seems to be able to get anymore with a good cultivar to pair with that taste. The real strong one that is unmistakeable. Everyone I show that jar to hates it. We would have called it homegrown in the next decade when we started getting kush and all that. It smells like a skunk's butt. It's that bad, but it's the real thing so I'll never smoke the whole jar probably just to have it for show and tell.

  4. I smoked alot of Soma strains in Amsterdam years ago. It's all very good but that Buddha's sister is his best strain for flavor imo. Super fruity!! Its been 19 years and to this day I haven't had better on the fruity Terps than the Buddha's sister.

  5. Nice info vid boyz and yup 2 year of growin outdoors have done a mix of a foliar and a root drench of milk and a water for the powdery mildew and it worked nice topic boyz peace out👌🏽👍🏽👊🏽

  6. In flower, I like to spray essential oils —NOT ON THE LEAVES OR BUDS but on the 1/3 that’s been lollipop’d / the outside of pots / and around the room. Been working like a muthafuka.

  7. For veg. SeaPal fish emulsion. Dr Zymes. I alternate back and forth weekly. Once flower hits I spray Dr Zymes as needed. I really love the SeaPal line it's one of the things that I can actually see a noticable difference. I'm not sure if you guys in the Midwest have it in your stores.

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