WEEKEND IN MY LIFE IN NYC: new cbd oil I'm using, cooking mediterranean bowls, chill and relaxing

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  1. I'd love to see you paint that wall. Any hauls you do are fun to watch so by all means do Trader Joe's – we don't have that here but that's OK. I like seeing what you get. The top shelf in the supermarket is tricky particularly if the product is back from the edge. I'm a bit taller so can mostly reach but I did ask a taller person to help once. And another time I went to the utensils aisle and got a ladle and used that to pull something off the shelf, then I put the ladle back

  2. Congratulations on 6K! I like all your hauls if you do Trader Joes I'll watch painting one wall and the peel tile would look good, your place all ready has a cozy vibe. 👍✨

  3. Thank you for another wonderful video, Laura. By any chance, could you do videos on the different neighborhoods in NYC? For example, maybe a tour of FiDi, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Battery Park, etc. Also, could you do videos on tours of studio and 1 bedroom/1 bath apartments in NYC and the application process/things to consider when applying for an apartment? Thank you!

  4. Hello from France ! Love your videos really ! I have the same problem as you when I have to reach something very high at the grocery store. And sometimes I don't want to ask somebody for help. I always jump but it's exhausted ! 😁 I hope you're ok with all that is going on in NYC lately, it's horrible. Hope you're safe.

  5. I love my Nespresso frother, but I find certain milks or creamers just don’t froth up well on the cold setting. And Califia makes an almond/coconut pumpkin spice creamer that is amazing. Sweetened or non sweetened.

    Congrats on 6K! And I like all grocery hauls- but if you found a great Trader Joe’s item and just shared it that’s cool too! Gives me ideas for my own grocery trips.

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