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WEEKEND IN MY LIFE IN NYC: new cbd oil I'm using, cooking mediterranean bowls, chill and relaxing

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23 thoughts on “WEEKEND IN MY LIFE IN NYC: new cbd oil I'm using, cooking mediterranean bowls, chill and relaxing

  1. Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦 are you able to link that tie dye sweatshirt you were wearing while making the pie? 😊🙏

  2. Happy I found your channel

  3. P.ssss. Put a lid on your rice it'll cook faster. Fyi.

  4. Yes, more hauls please. That's not too much in your fridge. I made a pumpkin cold brew and have the creamer. Also the stoked pumpkin cold brew is so good.

  5. I follow you on Instagram! I was the same way of not wanting to post to annoy my high school/home friends, so I made a separate account for lifestyle stuff!

  6. Okayyyy need to try that coffee mate flavor!! Omg the pudding pie excuse me I need to make that

  7. Love watching your videos after a long and stressful day at work! X

  8. Congratulations on 6k! 🥳 I would love to see some Trader Joe’s hauls ☺️

  9. I'd love to see you paint that wall. Any hauls you do are fun to watch so by all means do Trader Joe's – we don't have that here but that's OK. I like seeing what you get. The top shelf in the supermarket is tricky particularly if the product is back from the edge. I'm a bit taller so can mostly reach but I did ask a taller person to help once. And another time I went to the utensils aisle and got a ladle and used that to pull something off the shelf, then I put the ladle back

  10. Loved the vlog! I’d love to try cbd, but it’s not available in my country. Maybe you could have the ingredients listed on the screen when you’re sharing a recipe? 😘

  11. Yes Trader Joe's sprinkled in here and there would be great! Thanks for another great video! Fall is my fav season, I am not a Summer person!

  12. Congratulations on 6K! I like all your hauls if you do Trader Joes I'll watch painting one wall and the peel tile would look good, your place all ready has a cozy vibe. 👍✨

  13. 6k, congrats to my fav vlogger. Do a Trader Joe’s wine haul. Wine down Wednesday’s with Laura🤣🤣🤣❤️

  14. Thank you for another wonderful video, Laura. By any chance, could you do videos on the different neighborhoods in NYC? For example, maybe a tour of FiDi, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Battery Park, etc. Also, could you do videos on tours of studio and 1 bedroom/1 bath apartments in NYC and the application process/things to consider when applying for an apartment? Thank you!

  15. Hello from France ! Love your videos really ! I have the same problem as you when I have to reach something very high at the grocery store. And sometimes I don't want to ask somebody for help. I always jump but it's exhausted ! 😁 I hope you're ok with all that is going on in NYC lately, it's horrible. Hope you're safe.

  16. On 11:57 nice sweater you have on😃

  17. Omggggg yes more trader joe and food hauls love it girl love u so much. All the pumpkin spice vibes yum 😋 😍🤗❤️

  18. your apartment is so cute and coming along so well!! love it!

  19. I love my Nespresso frother, but I find certain milks or creamers just don’t froth up well on the cold setting. And Califia makes an almond/coconut pumpkin spice creamer that is amazing. Sweetened or non sweetened.

    Congrats on 6K! And I like all grocery hauls- but if you found a great Trader Joe’s item and just shared it that’s cool too! Gives me ideas for my own grocery trips.

  20. Don’t care too much about a Trader Joe’s haul. Just wondering how tall are you? I’m 5ft and I always struggle trying to get stuff off the top shelf lol

  21. I try the silk oat milk creamer and it was my favourite to but got it in vanilla flavour 😍

  22. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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