Twitter’s latest test gives iOS users a larger, edge-to-edge view of photos

Twitter is an increasingly visual social network, and it’s accordingly giving your media some more breathing room. The company has started testing an “edge-to-edge” timeline on iOS that gives you a much larger, borderless view for photos and videos.. You won’t have to tap on a picture just to make full use of your big smartphone screen, to put it another way.

The firm didn’t say how soon the feature might move beyond the experimental stage, but did vow to “iterate” on the test. We’ve asked about the possibility of (and timing for) Android and web tests.

The test is a bid to “bring more focus to the content” as more Twitter users share media. We’d add that it could also help Twitter counter Instagram, TikTok and other imagery-driven social networks. You may have a stronger incentive to post on Twitter if you know people are more likely to see (and appreciate) your snapshots.

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