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Retirement Healthcare: Dealing with Pain in Retirement – We're using CBD (Cannabidiol)

Part of getting older is dealing with pain from past injuries, new injuries, illness, disease or lack of good maintenance of our body over the years. Nita and I have …


25 thoughts on “Retirement Healthcare: Dealing with Pain in Retirement – We're using CBD (Cannabidiol)

  1. stop running so much, you well blow out your knees

  2. Happy Birthday, Kerry! Wish you healthy and happy everyday! Honestly, you look like someone in his 50s.

  3. Hello Kerry, happy birthday! We use CBD oils from Kannaway

  4. CBDMD Bubba Watson the golfer uses this. YouTube his video. Others too in the health industry.

  5. Happy birthday to dear Kerry! ❤️
    I just went to planet13 in Vegas and bought CBD cream. It made my foot pain disappeared! Works like magic

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad the CBD seems to help. FYI, I've never tried it but I have had chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain. I have found that a chiropractor was very helpful at least the last one who I had been seeing for about 15 years until he died suddenly earlier this year. It was quite a shock to me as I thought he was in better shape than me, had no medical issues and was 5 years younger than I am. He always suggested an ice pack for inflammation and to avoid heat on inflamed areas.

  7. Hi Kerry. Happy Birthday! My husband and I love your channels. I take CBD oil every day to help anxiety and pain. You really don't need the THC to accomplish this. One of the best CBD oils on the market (all without THC) is Santa Cruz Medicinals. There are just 2 owners and that allows them to keep prices reasonable and also gives you a higher dosage of CBD oil for a better price. Most people need about 150-300 mg of CBD a day (can depend on your body weight) to help with pain and/or anxiety. I don't work for Santa Cruz, but I 100% love their products, quality and fair pricing. I usually get my 1500 mg tincture bottle for $35 (with a 15-20% discount code). And free shipping on ALL orders. They are just an amazing company. No fillers or junk. The deep sleep and calm caps are phenomenal too! I hope that helps you. Check them out. 😊🙏

  8. Happy birthday and best wishes Kerry.

  9. Thanks for sharing Birthday boy!

  10. Happy Birthday! and Thanks, I will try CBD for my pain too!

  11. Happy Birthday Kerry. I believe in cbd wholeheartedly. I have crohn's disease and I'm actually a medical marijuana patient. BUT my autistic son uses cbd gummies and it really helps him. The more research in cannabis, the better for all of us.
    CBD though personally I recommend Charlotte's Web. The company was named after a girl named Charlotte was a child who suffered from epilepsy.

  12. Happy 77th Birthday, Kerry! and Here's to Many Happy Returns! 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday 🎂 Thank you for your video.

  14. Happy Birthday Kerry thanks' always for sharing !!

  15. Happy Birthday, Kerry. My wife and I both use CBD products too and are very satisfied! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  16. Bonne fête cher monsieur! 🎉🥁🤩

  17. Happy Bday, Kerry. You look quite strong and positive about life

  18. 77?! You look no older than 65! Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday! You look awesome! I have discovered it as well!

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