"GMO" – (Strain Review)

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* GMO is supposedly a cross of (Chemdawg x Forum Cut GSC) created by SkunkMasterFlex. It’s a very euphoric …


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  1. I’ve noticed in the last couple videos you’ve dropped the “I hope your smokin along, dabbing along, vaping along…” shtick and I’m a little sad. I used to wait to light till you said it 🤣

  2. Also the scale only really rated that specific grow, anything grown on the east coast probably wouldn’t even been the same from the same seeds just because of the air and humidity

  3. I've been using GMO for the last month or two (flower) and agree with you on the taste. That's where the garlic comes through. It's a great strain for me for pain relief and sleep. Can be a bit couch locky, though. I'm a fan. I mixed equal parts of it and Spacewalker for a blend and it was awesome! I will say that GMO flower is better than GMO carts and such. The difference is noticeable.

  4. Damn I did love your ratings honestly. Granted I always knew it was purely subjective and not to be taken that serious but I liked that it added a lil bit of creativity to the vids. I'm glad you're still doing what you wanna do man!

  5. Yee I posted a comment a while back saying you gotta do a review on the gmo on your gelato video. This strain is amazing. It's one of those strains that I enjoy anytime of the day. Flavor is funky but in a good way. The live resins and rosins of this strain are also worth the review.

  6. Solid video, love that you brought up "garlic mushroom onion" always get annoyed when I hear weedtubers and others in the community/industry say that shit lol

  7. Was stoked to see this review pop up! I just moved back home (Tacoma area) and have been absolutely loving the quality of weed here compared to Colorado, surprisingly! Thanks for the great info josh!

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