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First Home Buyer Mistakes in a Hot Market [Australian Property 2021]

Being a first home buyer is not easy. You’re pretty much at the bottom of the “property market food chain”. Whenever you go to an inspection or auction, you’re …


12 thoughts on “First Home Buyer Mistakes in a Hot Market [Australian Property 2021]

  1. 5-10% over asking haha first home buyers wish in this market..

  2. Don't FOMO in. If you buy and spend $30-$50k on stamp duty on a house you hate and the market turns you will regret it. Just think that stamp duty could potentially pay for rent for a couple of years until you find the house you like.

  3. Thanks Jayden for such a helpful video

  4. Really helpful. Thanks for the wonderful video!

  5. Excellent video. Thanks.

  6. Giving a break in a market where property price is increasing per month more than the predicted is not realistic.

  7. I am big fan of your videos keep it up 👍

  8. Thank you so much it really helps to cool myself down in this crazy market and will make a good decision 👍😀

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