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CBD TEA benefits & Side Effects – Cannabidiol tea benefits

CBD TEA benefits & Side Effects baby! What are they? Learn some important facts about CBD tea. What exactly is CBD tea? These are the cannabidiol tea …


17 thoughts on “CBD TEA benefits & Side Effects – Cannabidiol tea benefits

  1. Top production and very interesting information! Best wishes from Elly ❤️

  2. CBD seems to be very popular now, great informative video.

  3. 0.3 %. awesome. I have always wondered if it would show up in a test . awesome info

  4. Interesting. I am not fully persuaded about CBD. There to be a lot of claims and very little real research

  5. Intriguing…..They have some at our local health store, but it’s hella expensive and I can’t justify buying it. Once the hype wears off, if it becomes less expensive then I’d be curious to try tho.

  6. Lots of benefits…
    Cool information

  7. Thanks for the info Eric! I have heard about these products but so much easier to understand and absorb the info when presented like you do 😀😀😀😀😀 awesome job as usual ❤❤❤❤❤ full watch as always 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Great video with awesome info Erick! Thanks again xx Cathi xx 😘

  9. Great show Erick. Love your take on teas. Makes me consider making chai concentrate again! Hope you’re doing better than the last live. Take care.

  10. LOVE your cup😍 this was pretty cool to watch, GREAT info, & yes, you've got my mind working to see how I can make this tea now😆😊😊

  11. So, this makes me wanna do an experiment… Grow marijuana, do what I need to do to make this tea, & take a test😏

  12. Hello Eric, I enjoy your take on teas and how you present them It is so much fun and very educational. thank you. 💕NonnaGrace

  13. I didn't realize there was CBD tea, but that makes sense. I know pain and inflammation are a huge issue that impacts a lot of people. Love the tie by the way. You're always sharp.

  14. Great information 👍. I didn't know all of that. Hope you are feeling better these days. Peace and good fortune and good health to you and your family. 😃

  15. Amazing upload my friend. Thank you for sharing 🌼🌸🌼

  16. IN TO all things Pumpkin spice right now. NOT sure what this tea is waiting for the premier to find out

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