How to develop creativity and imagination

Learn the secrets that creative people use to become more creative and develop innovative talents. Anyone can use these techniques to become more creative …


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  1. Hey, J R! Was just watching your livestream but could NOT figure out how to put any comment in while it was going! That was your best show EVER!!! I not only plan on using your info for myself but for helping my special needs son to start building new neural pathways! (He has mild cerebral palsy & Asperger's Syndrome. He's extremely intelligent but gets really locked into very deep ruts, both literally & figuritively. So thanks for that inspiration!)
    I'm always floored when I see how small your numbers are for subscribers & live watchers b/c EVERYBODY should be watching YOUR content!!! You are SUCH a PHENOMENAL teacher!!! Thanks for all the time that you put into these, both behind the scenes & on camera! Thanks for your bright, sunny outlook and encouragement! It means the world to me! Will be doing my part to spread the news of your channel far & wide from now on.

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