Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Vaccine Misinformation and Long-haul Covid

Taken from JRE #1701 w/Dr. Rhonda Patrick: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7y8MKnfhML6KzvA6GVd83B?si=DcI5bwdyTC-rTGKjN2Md4A&dl_branch=1.


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  1. Funny how always talk about this shit whether or not immunizations are good or not but nobody wants to dig deep about the origins of the Covid from China (intentional or unintentional lab leak) or from North Carolina. It's bio weapon and nobody wants to talk about that do they?

  2. Have to wonder if this woman is aware that the false test PCR was developed and patented well before the outbreak of this virus. Somehow I have a doubt. And the fact that when someone is hospitalized with a positive result they’re given Remsidevir which in50%+ cases causes death by cardio edema.
    A Pawpaw tested positive. What the actual fick?

  3. This poor doctor lady is wrong about every thing she claimed was misinformation there’s evidence to support all of those claims especially the alternative medicines and Joe is the perfect example of that after getting covid last weekend and crushing it in 3 days with early therapeutic treatment

  4. Thank God. We built atomic bombs better in the 1940s than we make vaccines today. 95% effective my ass . How do you define effective. This vaccine is looking more and more ineffective every day

  5. Joe, for fucks sake, what are you doing still talking about comorbidities like it’s a surprise? How many people with NO comorbidities have strokes? Myocardial infractions? Peripheral arterial disease? Erectile dysfunction? They’re all diabetic, hypertensive, hyperlipidaemic etc. These are the same people that die of flu, the healthy generally don’t die but we all know anecdotal cases where the slim, tee-total, non-smoking marathon runner dropped dead at 35 of a heart attack don’t we? The same shit happens with COVID and every single one of the side-effects linked with the vaccine are overwhelmingly more common and more serious with active infection. Oh and why you’d turn your nose up at a 1-2% CFR blows my mind as well as why one would be happy to throw the infirm and elderly under the bus just so you can look down your noses at people going to work in masks. It just demonstrates what a selfish bunch of ingrates we have become. ‘I don’t know’ in science is really not that usual, if you want the answers there are journals you can read, or you can speak with the ID Dr’s or epidemiologists, you note Joe provided no answers either? Dr Patrick is a well respected PhD, not a clinician, she has read widely but if you think that you really know what’s what with COVID while you’re sat behind your keyboard with your tadger in your hand just goes to show that the Dunning-Kruger effect thrives in 2021. If you don’t know what ‘long-COVID’ is ask someone that has it; it’s remarkable that if you want to find vaccine side effects you’re tripping over anecdotes yet you’ve no idea what long COVID is? The bias involved in this subject (and just about every other these days), is incredible, we’re all guilty of it and the press have a particularly nasty habit of towing the line on every subject going based on the expectations of their readership or owners, we all just decide to believe the one side of the story that we agree with. Good God 🤦🏻‍♂️

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