This Week in Cannabis News – Aug 23 to Aug 28 2021 + Portfolio Update!

This news is NOT investment advice. It’s for educational purposes only.* Mid Week Update: Curaleaf, Verano, Harvest Earnings: …


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  1. Shocker, everything red, red, red again. Who could've guessed. Todd Harrison with his standard pump tweet last night: 'tomorrow will be big'. Yeah, another big red day. Zero accountability.

  2. Make that DEEP red. Verano going under 11? Rape. Cresco 9.71 ? You're literally bragging how low these are going. You should be promoting shorting. How many Green days has Cresco had in the last 180 days? Dow is even barely red, MJ sector goes down. Dow is green, 90% chance MJ sector goes down. Does that sound like a good ratio to you? What about that 'great news' you posted yesterday, see any reaction to that?

  3. I know I'm shocked… 8/31/21… ALL MJ stocks RED again. Negative, going down. Again, and again, and again. Literally 9 out of 10 days, in back to back to back sets. You should open an investing office advertising: buy this sector, it goes down 9 out of 10 days in a row and you slice 50% from your highs, which are very short lived, and you can wait years to get it back.

  4. Red, after red, after red, after red. Is the MJ sector going for stock market record negative run time wise? Sure its easy for you to keep saying 'now is a good time to buy'. You said that 4 months ago. Another PURE red day, across the board. Guess no one got that 'big news memo'.

  5. I didn't delete anything, I posted a link and probably post was rejected. Go to TheChartGuy 's vid from late last week at the 9 min mark (MJ update vid) and he repeats how the MJ sector has been, by far, the WORST performing sector of this year esp during such a bull market.. leaving it in an even MORE vulnerable position due to higher chance of market pull back. And look at that, another red, red, red day for the sector. Todd Harrison with the hail mary rumor mill tweets. No accountability for his hyping up 4/20… he just hyped up the WORST performing sector which has cut off an arm and a leg in the form of 40-50%. (Gtbif excluded)

  6. Thanks for the portfolio update. Are no longer bullish on Vireo/Goodness? Their numbers still look good. I think they are a victim of the overall cannabis market pullback and should bounce back with all the rest.

  7. Well, the speed of the growth of these companies would seem to suggest that they are at least at the start of hyper growth.

    They are certainly having fast growth. I would not be hasty to agree that we're at the zero point you mention but could very well be at the early stages.

    Also, could the market have jumped the gun? Maybe but I hope you're right. I ended up not biting at the end of the week. Might be this coming week. As always, good luck.

  8. Totally agree with being your own boss is essential, started my own business for that freedom a lot of work and capital but will be more rewarding in the end. Gotta give a shout out to the underappreciated time stamps!

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