How The Media Stopped Us Caring About the Planet | George Monbiot

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  1. The countries that face turmoil will turn one day look out for help but by then every country will be facing its own turmoil and at once,
    Leaveing no where to turn too.

  2. Thank you George.
    The new 4X4 each year, two house , multiple flight part of my family don't waste a second worrying about any of this.
    It's the same the World over.

  3. I've been a member of the Scottish Greens since 2003 and well remember 'The Great Global Climate Swindle'. Knocking doors at the 2007 Holyrood elections and having this programme and its "facts" thrown in my face, not to mention accusations of being con-artists and/or being conned. It's impact was long-lasting too – witness the Greens gaining their first seats in government in the UK being labelled "Marxist extremists" and "eco-zealots" by mainstream press and Tory politicians. Any excuse not to face reality.

  4. "The fossil fuel companies couldn't operate" … if we didn't buy their products. Did he EVER get around to saying that? If not, then he is the prime poster boy for his video's title.

  5. George Monbiot. I resonate from your insight and experiences. Eloquent passionate broadcasts. That are revealing opens our ears and eyes to the Truth. Is it any wonder why the elitists do not want to hear you? Those that do not believe in a fair society and fair distribution of wealth. Namely Oligarchs.

  6. I love what George has to say on climate change and environmental issues. I recently re-read his book Heat – scary when it was published and terrifying to see where we are 15 years later. I don't completely agree with him here though – I unfortunately don't think that we would be in a very different place if the media had been truthful about climate change. Yes, they hindered progress we might have made earlier, but the majority of the public now believe that climate change is caused mostly or partly by human activities (Yale climate connection survey), but the percentage of people who are REALLY changing their lives to the point that they are sufficiently reducing their impact on the environment is very small. Are we reducing the flights we're taking? Buying less fast fashion? Eating less meat? Buying smaller, more economical cars (or better yet, getting rid of our cars)? The vast majority of the public are doing little or nothing to alter the way they live. Yes, the big fossil fuel companies are obviously having a much bigger impact that individuals, but that idea that we would all be taking things more seriously and that we would have made the necessary changes already had the media been more truthful seems very unlikely to me (unfortunately). I do completely agree about his last point though, that we need to find alternative sources of media to get messages out and that does seem to be happening.

  7. Best quote 2021 award nomination, George Monbiot: " If one person says it's raining and the other person say's its not, a journalists job isn't to strike a balance betweene those two people, it's to look out of the fucking window and see whether it's raining or not."

    Had me in stitches.

  8. It's time everyone took their heads out of the sand.we have been too complacent with the gifts of our natural environment,and as a result the ability to replenish and recycle our life support structures is severely compromised.
    One very wise native American said we may realise when the last tree is felled,and the last water polluted.
    On the evolution timescale we are coming too close

  9. You don't have to have accurate wos history to understand this world. Just look at the earth. Look at the soil in aboriginal countries compared to European countries. Europeans have never cared to preserve and nurture what's theirs.

    Better to steal what others have maintained.

  10. Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!! BBC.. I don't ge them, they're national. taking funding from the government, so we have to pay lisenses.. (around 100£ p/y) but they sell channels .. what's with this government funded private business with propaganda values?

  11. ye he,s right, stop using oil tomorrow, and see what happens, we be back to the stone age, no food in the shops in a few days nobody can go to work, we are decades away from replacing oil because we have no way to keep the lights on

  12. The BBC Bitesize module is particularly disheartening. I would guess that part of the justification would be the mental health of the young, allaying their anxiety?
    (The same gaslighting now re Covid – send them back to school without mitigation and then "help them cope with their anxiety"? )
    Fear, if reasonable, is not just anxiety. The model hasn't changed – ostensible "concern" for the welfare of the next generation while pursuing short term interests and not giving a stuff for the consequences they might face.
    Thunberg's anger is utterly justified.

  13. Erm…. I have data, collected during my PhD, that in the Guardian, where George worked/works , the key words “climate change” and global warming” got together almost exactly half than… (no spoilers, book coming out on Routledge next year …) Point being that the Guardian, which many BBC employees read, also made a mess of things (though kept left of the Times etc, of course

  14. The eXtremely Righteous brigade are the government’s useful idiots in the propaganda campaign of fear mongering and control which is why the m.s.m. gives them so much coverage. Tens of thousands marched through London yesterday demanding medical freedom and the protection of our civil liberties – there was almost no media coverage whatsoever q.e.d.

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