6 Industries Blocking Cannabis Legalization

6 Industries Blocking Cannabis Legalization There’s a lot of money to be made by keeping cannabis illegal – literally billions. Some industries have been fighting …


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  1. Funny you bought up nazism in the process of defaming cannabis ,werent the scientific authority elite ,imported from germany after the 2nd world war,operation paperclip.Your instincts serve you well.

  2. Brandon is one of the smartest growers in THE toughest growing method available but it's also the most economical. Brandon is one ok the nicest people and always willing to give back to the community! Totally bullshit!

  3. Hey, does anyone remember the first promotions for Oxy when they came on the market? Drug reps gave the Drs and Nurses promotional beany baby size purple gorilla toys. It was so cute, wearing a little "Oxy" tshirt. How obvious a symbol? Monkey on your back… no, a gorilla.

    One of their advertising verbages was, "get your life back." Implying that pain and misery limit happiness for working people. That is a fact! I started responding, "after oxy, just try to get your life back." Hardest thing you will face. And you get to keep your pain.

    Physical pain, stress and anxiety familiar for most working people are all better treated with that old pharmacopial compound, cannabis, for many centuries.

    Going healthy and green does give you your life back.

  4. The reason they can't stop us is because it's a civil matter being a lawyer you should know this! It was already legal, is there anything that happens once you know it can happen again! But your So Brilliant !

  5. I often dream of the time when good weed is legal in every state, and as readily available as alcahol, most people in society are excepting of it, I think it's just a handful of people that hate the idea, and they would still proclaim they care about people in general, totally blind to facts and stats they could have easily looked into, if they really cared 👍💚😸✌️

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