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  1. I think Till prob gona land a couple shots but he’s too basic prob won’t throw a kick maybe a knee here and there but Brunson just gona take him down beat him down then make Darren give up his back and quit. Time to pass the overhype torch to Pimplet. Kids gona pull an Olivera basically get rocked by vendramini who’s gona be to excited to finish the fight then win a few more lose a title fight move to another weight class and suck some more.

  2. I called this fight that till will loose in the 4th round. He loss this fight. Well you British people be honest with the dude he need to change camp and I am totally honest.

  3. “It’s like he’s having a conversation with them and they don’t understand the language that he’s speaking” are you talking about Till’s striking or just him talking in general?

  4. Where are the clips to back Dan’s insights?

    Energy so low as well ffs. Dan Hardy’s breakdowns have been a religious part of fights for me for years but I was disappointed with this one. The guy is the best in the business.

    Come on Dan

  5. DAN HARDY WILL ALWAYS PICK THE WHITE FIGHTER…. Unless it’s Izzy or Usman or some legend like that, best believe he will ALWAYS chose the white guy. I have noticed it about him

  6. Both are a bit chinny. Either could land clean and get the KO. Till has the better striking game Brunson is better on the mat. 50:50. Wouldn't be shocked if either man wins. What's the line in this fight?

  7. Hahah that scatty movement at 9:14 where Dan moved his phone and dusted the table, along with the hand movements when he apologises about feeling a bit scat.

    Reminds me of how I would be feeling/acting while on a comedown the day after a night out 😂😂

  8. Best analyst but would love to hear your opinion on why till doesn't launch he so good kicking. I suppose it's cos he worried of getting taking down but man that guy visous needs to take risk with severe aggression once or twice with defence mindset after he fucked his opponent up .

  9. The best in the business at breaking down flight. Would love you to do a video predicting the next 12-18 Months ie who would be the champions in each of the divisions.

  10. Great breakdown man. One thing I saw was that Darren Till is primarily taken down by single legs and never with the body lock. Brunson likes that body lock man and idk if he's going to be able to take Till down and hold him there his top position isnt as good as we think imo because he faced Kevin Holland who's known for that exact strategy to defeat him and Shabazyan defended until he gassed which is a regular for him as we saw again in the Hermanson fight.

  11. Anybody else chuckle at the rich irony right around 10:42 when Dan says: "It's like he's having a conversation with them and they don't understand the language that he's speaking…"

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