EP15 | The Opium Power of Afghanistan | Jitendra Ojha

EP15 | The Opium Power of #Afghanistan | Jitendra Ojha.


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  1. RSS and Taliban have no comparison. Taliban defeated 2 super powers in the last 40 years. Our Hindutva RSS are Heejras eunuchs transvestites. This is the result of worshiping idols of animals & Genitals

  2. The more dangerous thing in world leaders to know and put there attention. About in India open market they are selling nuclear acids. And its very very dangerous for the world . The world should take action and open there eyes…


    US President will be sitting on HUNGER STRIKE failing to protect Afghanistan………………….

    US Marine & Contractors will Donate their One Year Salary to Afghan Refugees……………

    NATO is giving recognition to Taliban Government in Protest of their victory in Kabul………………….

    Pakistan is wiling to Mortgage Afghanistan to IMF & World bank for financing 5000 US $ interest free Loan to Pakistan……………

    FATF freed Pakistan from Grey List to finance terror groups……………..to marry Afghan War Widows & fight Jihad………….

    China will embrace ISLAM as National Religion of Communist Party of China in exchange of Belt & Road Initiate in Afghanistan……………

    New Afghan Government will give Four Wife's to Taliban Soldiers for victory in Kabul……after formation of Government……………

    Russia & China will offer Nationalities to Afghan Refugees…………………….& Airlift them to Russia & China……….

    Pakistan will impose Sharia Laws with immediate effect in Afghanistan to avoid collateral damage in Pakistan due to Taliban rule in Afghanistan………………

    Indian Liberal & Secular Journalist will be offered Political Asylum in Afghanistan……………………….

  4. Dude g.. iyer. Please don't call abhijit please. Let him go.. You are not a Indian anyway.. Please… I don't want a good brilliant guy getting used. He will grow up in 10 years. It's not now. Indian to indian. Please let him go. Thanks

  5. Meanwhile, in China all the drugs are banned and the punishment is death penalty. According to todays Times Higher Education ranking – TWO Chinese universities are better than the likes of University of California, Cornell University. No offence guys – I think we are inferior than Chinese when it comes to sincerity, hard work and understanding & dealing with problems. Let us learn from the Chinese. It is time we clear GRE to send our kids to top Chinese universities.

  6. Pass the death sentence on those drug dealers as is the case in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia. I am aware that the Indian's don't want to upset the civilized west (New York Times/Washington Post etc. etc.) You are a matured democracy time to put Indian interest first.

  7. If the Taliban is not recognized by the world it will collapse from within. Opium trade alone won't be able to sustain it. The world finances (IMF/World Bank/Asian Bank etc etc) will all be closed to them. It requires 3 Billion Dollars just to keep them ticking over. Their paymaster Pakistan is Bankrupt. The last think the Chinese want is another religious state within their mist. The World has to make a call–Do you all want to finance and fund another terrorist state. YES/NO. To save a few hostages thousands and thousands of civilians all over the world are going to be killed. We all know –they want to establish a kalifate. Period.

  8. One senior Indian cabinet minister was keen that the Indian Army replace the Americans. Imagining fighting the whole Islamic world and it will end up fighting within India. Thank god he is not the PM.

  9. I ask you why india is not stopping the Taleban, when we are the new supreme power, more than 12 lacs strong troops, we can easily can win over and we more than 3bln, investment, even USA ask India to send 20,000 troops to Afghanistan but we ignored, now regarding opium you say taleban but last 20 years they are not in power Afghanistan, why the ruling government couldn't stopped.

  10. A much needed discussion on this subject with sophistication and yet makes so much of sense. Great work Sree Garu. I think you need a high quality audience of opinion makers to appreciate something of this nature and quietly contribute. As a society, we must do our best to destroy drug menace.

  11. வெளிநாடுகளில் இருந்து எங்கள் தாய்நாட்டிற்கு நீங்கள் காட்டும் ஆதரவு, இந்தியாவில் உங்களைப் போன்ற பலரை நாங்கள் கொண்டிருக்க வேண்டும்

  12. Why even former bureaucrats complain of world not reining in Pakistan, our most prominent neighbour? Even in matters like drug control when the same former bureaucrat acknowledged how USA and China managed to control their narcotic-evil neighbours? It seems our bureaucrats follow their Sanathana ways irrespective of the roles and functions they are given with! So the uncouth and unethical Pakistan drug dealers are superior in developing global contacts compared to educated and trained narcotics control and foreign relationship bureaucrats? Or is it due to a balanced mix of cowardice and corruption?

  13. Islam forbids intoxication, I thought Taliban was Islamic Fundamentalist. Mother Of All Bomb(MOAB) Trump dropped in Afghanistan, was probably not on the heads of Taliban, but on some mountain rich with minerals or even gold, its way easier and faster than conventional mining or dynamiting. Americans got what they came for and left. Might as well test the bomb while you are looting the 3rd world.

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