Black Oxygen Organics: The MLM That Sells DIRT

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  1. This is what my husband's best friend said about the CofA. He is a chemical engineer for the Chicago water department. I know that doesn't say much because you don't know me or him, but you can verify there is not potassium oxide in there. Potassium Oxide does not exist once it gets wet, and in nature, that's almost impossible. But there are other concerning things.

    Yeah, that CofA is nothing to be proud of but… That is such a bizarre CofA…Mainly they are using other industry standards in the use of a CofA that is for a product that may be for human consumption…. I have to double-check on P2O5 but I know that doctor is misinterpreting the K2O in the CofA. In general it is impossible for potassium oxide to exist in moist environments like a bog. It is too reactive. The term K2O is an industry standard that doesn't mean that there is potassium oxide in the sample. The K2O is a measurement of the amount of potassium in the sample. For reasons outside of the scope of this discussion it is just useful for certain industries to measure potassium relative to the weight of K2O. And several industries make equivalent measurements like this. Something more common, is the measurement of Alkalinity which is reported as Ca2CO3… But Alkalinity although reported in this term has several components to it like carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxide.
    That is not to say that the Cof A is good. There are things in there I wouldn't want to consume.
    Furthermore, I do not trust the method they use to determine Fulvic Acid… I am not certain which colorimetric method they used to determine Fulvic Acid, but in general the more complex the sample is (and dirt is complex) the more inaccurate a colorimetric method will be. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the CofA was real and they used a colorimetric method to give a falsely high result for the % Fulvic/humic
    It would be easy to do a "real" test method but omit the reasons for a false positive detection for a compound you are looking for in something a complex as dirt….

    Marie Leong:
    They ship the mud as dried dirt. Would that still make it impossible for potassium oxide to exist or be in the product? Well some good news is the company is from Canada and just posted today that their shipment to the US being held by the FDA, so maybe they are on to them. Thanks so much Alfred!
    Oh it is for human consumption. People drink it too. If that is what you mean.

    I can't say that it wouldn't exist if it was mined dry and kept dry. It is possible in a 100% dry scenario… But the moment water hits it, it becomes a hydroxide and in general there is no easy way to turn it back into K2O especially in a natural environment

    Marie Leong:
    Hmm, I had this theory, and maybe I am wrong. But it's that maybe they are buying the compost that the landfill sells. Lol. That would be horrific.

    Sorry I wasn't 100% clear… It is hard to convey emotion in text…. Even though K2O is not a measure of potassium oxide… It is a measure of potassium…. But that potassium may not be a good form of potassium…. One of the industries that use this standard is the fertilizer industry…. So the potassium is not from K2O but when you add the landfill factor…. I am not very certain most of that potassium is or was in the chemical form of a fertilizer. Sorry… Looks like the doctor was right to be angry but he was over reacting for the wrong reason
    I am NOW very certain the potassium is or was a fertlizer

    Marie Leong:
    Is that bad? It sounds bad lol

    Yeah it can be bad. So here is another variable that is missing from that CofA, that is just an inorganic elemental test. They purposely omitted or not doing organic tests that would determine lots of things that would be found in that landfill, mainly fertilizers pesticides PCBs fuel to name a few
    So I think the CofA is real, it is just a very incomplete picture

  2. So many people don't realize that lots of people I wheelchairs aren't completely paralyzed. Just because they can't walk a lot doesn't mean they can't walk AT ALL. Someone getting up to get back into their wheelchair after a relaxing bath doesn't mean the bath magically cured them. It just means they have some use of their legs/back, but can't walk all the time. They might be feeling especially good because of a relaxing bath, but again, doesn't mean they're cured.
    I have chronic knee problems and can barely hobble around my apartment some days. But after a nap I almost always feel better, cause my knees have rested for a while. Not because the nap magically cured me forever??? They'll get bad again, sometimes 10 minutes later and sometimes many hours later.


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  4. Lol I’m not even 2 mins in and can’t even take this video seriously 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m ded. People asked me to do a deep dive on this but lawwwwd I’m so glad you did it first because I don’t think I could keep a straight face long enough

  5. Curiosity got me and I tried it. I thought I did my research and then two weeks in I found out I had no idea what I was taking. I’ve spent countless hours researching this and have found a lot of the same info, but have so much more. I feel obligated to file complaints and demand investigations…how do we take this company down???

  6. I have tried this product and used it on my non verbal daughter. It definitely helped her circulation.. I’m thinking that it may be the iodine that is helping people with untreated thyroid issues.. just my guess..

  7. Moor baths are actually a thing in Germany, but it's more like a spa experience, which can help relieve joint pain from arthritis or rheumatitis. These baths are usually done under medical supervision and in combination with other treatments, though. And no one drinks this stuff!

  8. Is that a paint pen??? Where did you find it it looks like a marker but pretty vivid but doesn't look wet like paint…it was very peaceful watching you paint the rock in the beginning once again I'm not anti mom or pro mlm but still here I am lol

  9. I'll stick to the usual vitamins and minerals thanks 🤢🤢🤢
    Also as an Ontarian, please don't group us all with this BOO guy.. I swear WE have brains.. I SWEAR 🤣😭

    Thank you so much for covering this! I just recently found out about this MLM and was so disgusted.

  10. If you take this stuff and put it in water, any water, the most pure water on earth, worms will appear. They are drinking dirt and worms and claiming that they have parasites.

    The call is coming from inside the house.

  11. Hooooo boy, just when you think MLMs can't get any worse and can't stoop any lower 😑

    Also, I love this new video style!! Love seeing your gorgeous face and awesome makeup skills, but your art skills are on point too! 😊

  12. Please do a piece on the Indigenous American led movement to Stop Enbridge from running a dangerous pipeline through treaty territory and necessary wildlife habitat in the fight against climate change (pipeline #3) as well the issues surrounding pipeline #5 and Enbridge's continued illegal operation of it. Even just a mention would mean so much on your platform. Expose Enbridge to make the biggest of waves and protect the real waves. Please.

  13. So now we’re supposed to be like earthworms and eat dirt? That’s what’s hot in the streets?

    I’ve heard of Mississippi Mud, but this is taking things a bit too far.

  14. My grandma used the black mud and HELPED HER TREMENDOUSLY ….did not drink it! Used it on her body. Actually Inused it also, and my skin is flawless…thanks to using it…so specific muds can help

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