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Announcing Where We're Moving 😱 Plus Costco Haul and Costume Reveal!

We are moving to… Follow the Dashleys for more! All of our favorite recipes!!! – …


22 thoughts on “Announcing Where We're Moving 😱 Plus Costco Haul and Costume Reveal!

  1. Girl best of luck. I’m in the middle of this exact same type of move. It’s not so so bad yet ☺️ you can do this!!

  2. I just love how George introduces Jamsie

  3. The husband seems to have anger which he covers with smiles and sarcastic jokes. Ashley seems genuine and sweet. The husband is uncomfortable to watch, so guess I will.

  4. I love hummus now cause I watched your video

  5. Colloquialism I think you all were looking for this name. It means something someone says from a certain region.

  6. Welcome to Georgia. We are happy to have you .Forget about humidity.

  7. Sea monkeys and magic rocks every year for Christmas

  8. I need to know where you got the fairy costume😍

  9. after having bad day always turn on videos made my day brighter break out smiley and laughing loved your guys videos Costco haul they are my favoite look forward to it

  10. You're moving close to me! Yay!

  11. Glad to hear you’re coming to GA! I’ve been here since 2005. My husband thought we’d be here for a year. He finally accepted we’re staying after about 8 years. 😆

  12. Packing without kids is definitely better.

  13. We are moving from Virginia to Colorado in 3 weeks!!!

  14. I'm gonna need you guys to make a short of the clip from 7:558:30 so I can share 😉😋

  15. I live in GA! I love it here 😍

  16. I love watching George be such a great big brother! He is so sweet and encouraging with her 💗

  17. As we say down South, COME ON DOWN TO COLUMBUS, GA. Born here, lived here all my life, Love my home town. We have every thing, mountains, Appalachian trail. can hike all the way to New England. Oceans, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico in Fla. our # 1 , problem tho is that it gets HELL CRAZY HOT, that’s why we have AC……… WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY JOIN US🇺🇸🇺🇸🥳. Ps we also have the largest Army Base in the US, FORT BENNING 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Ahhh dahlonega, dalin… idk guys. I hope you stay!

  19. That last line of the video had me laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣

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