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In the post season of the 2021 CrossFit Games – Rich is getting restless. In an effort to stay motivated and flex his new Mountain Bike fixation, Rich and the crew …



  1. Not taking anything away from rich he is a complete **** but Iron Man triathlons. And 100 mile ultramarathons take the cake

  2. Go against real triathletes

  3. I think it's ironic Rich had Corinthians 6-14 tattooed on his side. Dude has been getting yoked with other people as a career! Jk, fun video, thanks for the inspiration CFM

  4. Rich 'The Juice' Froning, back at it again

  5. Finally some comp! Thank you Jesus

  6. 880 yard open water swim

    18 mile mountain bike

    3.5 mile trail run

  7. …just amazing that so heavy guys can do this! I just go couple of pounds and I feel that everything hurts! Wow, no face mask…I'm not a Demo…., but…

  8. How about doing a proper Ironman?

  9. Those heart rate numbers are world-class. Oh wait, he's world-class! He should looking into becoming the greatest athlete in the world or something like that.

  10. What watch is Rich wearing at the start of the video?

  11. His knees are done. You can see it

  12. One woman beat Rich. Fittest man in history? Hmmmmmm

  13. Why are these guys using clips. A nice set of flats work just as well.

  14. Sir, I wear Lee’s…..

  15. Why is Rich wearing a downhill helmet??

  16. If Rich’s max heart rate is over 205, what is his resting heart rate? Would love to know how many bpm that increase is…

  17. Great video much needed. But one-hundred sixty-nine above average threshold? The date must be triathlon season.

  18. What cameras do you guys use for the helmets?

  19. Does Rich Froning inject male hormones into her vaginal area before or after workouts?

  20. Ro, that beard is looking legit.

  21. Were you wearing the Airwaav? do you think that would have helped at all?

  22. Dont ride trails with clips, you nuts?

  23. We don’t have that problem bc we’ve got an azz. Bikers don’t have an azz 😂😂😂😂

  24. What was the distance for each leg?

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