Stop Using Obesity Oil on your Food and Calling it “Keto”

The most dangerous thing you can do is to blindly add fat to your diet, keto or otherwise, especially using vegetable oils. Linoleic acid, an omega 6 fat has …


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  1. Thank 🙏 you prove that the details matter!! It's not just eat less workout more. On a physical internal aspect these extracted artifical oils literally destroy our bodies

  2. 17:32 “Step out of the whole processed food shenanigans!” Preach it Doc Karl ! 👏🏻👏🏻 I get shushed 🤫 when I try to preach it! They’ve seen that I & hubby have lost a tremendous amount of weight and have kept it off for almost 3 years now! Yet, they still think we deprive ourselves of “fun” food! All I can say to that is they’ve never been on any of your “field trips” to Judi’s kitchen!😉☺️

  3. How important is omega 6 during a PSMF diet? Is 1 gram enough? It's hard to get omega 6 on a PSMF diet personally, I can just take fish oils for omega 3

  4. the most scientific explanation I found so far on what seed oils do to our body is by Tucker Goodrich. He is an engineer and looks at it mechanistically and explains it as thorough as science understands it currently. His personal story is also a testimony to the whole foods keto movement. (I used to have daily migraines but going whole foods keto solved that issue completely)

  5. I just watched yesterday "Pellegra, a Medical Mystery" from Extra Credit. I have always disliked corn, a very good thing as I am allergic. But I'm stunned how long people ate the stuff, and it's rather obviously undigested, yet never considered that in South America, where it was a staple, pellegra wasn't such an issue. Obviously, the poor were not well nourished, but they knew to nixtamalize it, or eat it with the fungus.

    I was never asked what I want to eat; food was served, and I had two options- eat it or don't eat. You don't have to learn to like to eat something, but, if you don't like chicken, put some salt and pepper on it.

    I make a point to source my fish from the lake, or the river. I might choose Lake Michigan over the White River based on wanting perch over bluegills, or trout over salmon, but in the end, I'm eating what God gives me. If that means sticking the catfish in the wading pool until dinner so it tastes less like mud, I'm filling up the pool.

    If the cat drags home a headless rabbit, and I really wanted venison, I'm eating rabbit.

    What I never compromise on is my fat. I use lard, tallow, suet, butter, marrow, schmaltz, anything from an animal solid on the counter. Rapeseed oil was used before WWII on ships, for their engines, a way to make use of a waste product. Before WWII, margarine used to be made from whale blubber, which while not butter, was at least animal fat.

    All told, I figure, if God didn't make it, and my Granny wouldn't serve it, it's not food.

    Thank you for this. I will check out the testing. It will be interesting to see where I stand, and where I can make improvements.

  6. Hi Doctor, I'm new to your channel. Been pursuing a low carb/keto diet for a year now. This video begs the question for me of keto snacking of eating nuts like, macadamia, pecans, walnuts, almonds. My favorite is pecans.

  7. Love your straight talk. Been doing keto for 5 years with very little results. My pre-diabetic A1C stayed at 5.7. I am new to PSMF. This subject really concerns me as I am 70 years old. Thank you for not being afraid to go against the grain. (And nuts and seeds). 🤗🤗

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