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Realistic Morning Routine – Relaxing + Productive Day

Hi loves, I hope you enjoy this morning routine. If you’ve been wanting to create a realistic, relaxing yet productive morning routine you’ll relate to some of the …


39 thoughts on “Realistic Morning Routine – Relaxing + Productive Day

  1. Hope you guys get some inspo for your morning routine and get to have a productive week!

  2. Put on SO MUCH WEIGHT since your old videos I didn't even recognise you


  3. Where is your bed frame from?

  4. Growing up Caribbean we aren’t allowed to cook unless the kitchen is cleaned 🙌🙌 love that this is important to culture really makes a difference.

  5. tea de manzanilla with a bit of honey and a splash of lemon.

  6. What is the name of the song at beginning , please?🌺

  7. Una pregunta habrá en otro idioma que no sea ingles

  8. Hi, Who do you follow when you do your yoga routine?

  9. Love you nathalieee ❤️❤️🙏🏼

  10. Loved this video Natalie! It gives me motivation for a better morning routine for myself. Do you also think you can link the tea kettle your mom got you?

  11. Glad to see you back on YouTube. I use cbd products as well. The company that I use is Prima Co. They are amazing. Love your routine. 😍

  12. Greetings 🙏🏼🍀💕

  13. Ive been drinking this Stash Organic Tea-ginger peach with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a couple of drops of honey.

  14. I love watching your video you are so pretty Nathalie

  15. Plant/ pot tour? 😍😍😍

  16. Our routine is literally the same, I’ve never come across a similar person to me lol

  17. Siempre encantada de ver unos de tus videos ♥️🇩🇴
    Muchas bendiciones a ti y Nat the Label 💟 pa’lante!

  18. I bet your mom watches Hercaí lol I'm also into Turkish novelas from telemundo 😂

  19. Hi Nathalie! I was so excited to see another video up! This one was great and has me inspired for my morning tomorrow! Also, I love all the plants in your apartment that I saw in the background. It really looks so nice! I really like your new apartment!😁❤️

  20. LOVEEEEEEEEE your nail color

  21. I want that outfit 🙁but you don’t have my size.

  22. So funny you mentioned the importance of having a clean kitchen, I literally just said this today because I can’t cook in a messy kitchen even if it’s the simplest thing to eat 😅

  23. So beautiful love your routine 🤍🤍

  24. You'll love chamomile tea especially if you're feeling tired at the end of the day or Chai tea very tasty. I think those two will get you in the mood. Thank you for the amazing routine share! 💫❤

  25. Where are those silky pjs from?

  26. Hi 👋 Nathalie say hi to Eric for me

  27. 🌹Good Video As Always🌹
    😻Lovely thumbnail tho😻
    🥰Your Beautiful Self🥰
    Keep them Coming
    Happy MarvelouS Week Too
    😇Be Bless n Stay safe always😇

  28. i love this and i love your video's

  29. Oh estas usando mi Tetera (çaydanlık) para hacer Çay !! nice 👍👍😉😉

  30. Love it!! Have a fantastic week love❤❤

  31. Love it. Thanks for sharing

  32. Loved this video watching this while I’m doing laundry

  33. natalieeee first one to comment love you and love you work blessing

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