Mental ILLNESS in PRISONS [Part 4]: DRUGS Behind BARS | Challenges Of A PSYCHIATRIST in Prison

This video is the 4th part of my Mental Illness in Prisons series and I’m going to explain the challenges of working as a psychiatrist in prison, including the …


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  1. Would you do a video on your opinion on "The Southend Werewolf", its a case that happend early 90s about a bloke that thought he turned into a werewolf but it also links into the religion side of things as it was also investigated by the Warrens and an exorocism was performed. He was placed in various mental hospitals

  2. He’s back !! – Possible idea for a video- Skyking ,aka Richard Russel – a ground service man who stole a plane from Seattle airport where he worked and crashed it into a nearby forest after doing a barrel roll .

  3. I couldn't believe the first time I met someone who refers to themselves in the third person shippy went to the pub today shippy on the horses today. That was his nickname shippy ! It took me a little bit to realise he was talking about himself lol . I found it funny , he was harmless though unlike The Lady you dealt with Dr

  4. Your Job is so hard it must be frustrating having to jump through so many hoops just to get help for the mentally ill. You and others like you deserve a medal.

  5. Hi Dr, what about drug addicts who go to prison or mental hospital? Do you prescribe buprenorphine or methadone? Or are they banned in prison? I'm just curious to know if you wean them off opioids with them medications. Thanks doctor 👍👍

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