Follow-Along Mobility Flow (Warmup/Cool-Down)

Join me for a follow-along warmup/cool down mobility movement flow incorporating primal and somatic movement patterns alongside Eastern movement …


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  1. I have a little confession to make here, Kelly: since you've mentioned taking CBD oil, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're doing it with capsules rather than vaping it. Being asthmatic, even the very act of smoking or vaping anything doesn't appeal to me, especially when I see people looking smug when they do it. 😮

    With that off my chest, I'm glad that you loved your time in Las Vegas, and that you didn't get caught in the middle of any dramas. As for my travels, all bets are off right now, owing to the continuing COVID-19 mess here in Australia. :-/

  2. Kelly this is incredible. I actually no sh1t had a dream about Nova last night maybe the message was go check out this video. I have had severe movement disorder issues for much of my life and I want to get into movement therapy to help ppl with what I have learned so this video OMG is like a godsend. Also your new starwars monster name is CrackleBack

  3. Hey there, lovely to watch this and great that you included both Yoga with Qigong. Nice mix 🙂 Hope you don't mind this but maybe you'd like to have a wee look at this – (from around the 9:40 mark) as it'll connect to your comment on Babies and their early movement. John's well known for teaching his 'Baby Sequence' in his Ashtanga Yoga workshops and he's a relly well respected Ashtanga teacher (disclosure: I work for him). I've actually been following you since you had around 1k followers and you talked about your love of John Williams music (Ben's Death and the Tie Fighter Attack's my favourite!) 🙂 Lovely surprise to see you branch in to sharing what you know of Yoga/Qigong! Hugs from Scotland. G

  4. Love how your content is blossoming out! Far you have come.

    Btw I follow a YT channel MobilityMastery, run by Elisha. She has amazing content on healing the body from old injuries and trauma. She’s been helpful in continuing my growth in understanding/listening/feeling my own body as an integral part of healing.

  5. i was the type that made fun of this training and played all sports… to day i envy people like you. i need to stretch and do yoga but i cant get my self to do it….

  6. Oooo, I have seen these exercises performed in many places! However, I haven't tried any of them, but after seeing this video I'll get a chance to do some of these myself! I'm also gonna check out 'Strength Side' to see some other stuff they have! Great video, JB, this video is very informative and intriguing! I'm sorry I missed the premiere, I wish I could have been there to see it broadcast live! Nevertheless, I'm glad to check out this video now then never! If you have other types of exercise you'd like to share at some point in the future, please do so! I'd love to learn more incredible techniques from the one and only Jedi Master Bunny!

  7. Hi Kelly, great video, very polished and well edited. Sorry I couldn't be there. You are 100% correct about not taking mobility for granted. Some years back, I had an accident that damaged my spine and dislodged 2 discs in my lower back. I had corrective surgery, but was warned at the time that my back would be weakened considerably, and the condition my return over time. Sure enough, over the years despite rigorous movement discipline and physio, things deteriorated. As of now, I can't walk without a stick, cannot lift hardly anything, and cannot bend or twist from the waist. I'm on a relativity high dose of painkillers, and very dependent on the good will of others (which I hate more than the injury itself lol). Look after your body people, you never really appreciate how much you rely on mobility until you lose it. You have a marvellous fluidity of movement Kelly, sinuous and graceful. I bet you're one hell of a dancer. I'm gonna stop now before this gets weird lol! 🌹🌹🌹

  8. I love watching Nova watch you by the patio door at the beginning! 🤣 You can see her contemplating when to come over and request a snack and a head scratch.
    I attended MANY Yin and Restorative yoga classes for a few years when I was recovering from my divorce. It’s amazing how much tension (anxiety) a person can carry in your body. I didn’t realize how much physical pain I was in until it started to release and work it’s way out.
    So very nice to see you post! (And good to see you too, Nova! Keep her in line!)

  9. Wow, I’m super impressed. You could easily do this professionally! I’m not into yoga but I may actually try this considering I’m having big time stress with a new job at the moment. I just can’t have my kids walk in on me rolling around in the floor!
    Well done though – I feel better after just watching 👍🏻

  10. Really intriguing video as always Kelly, definitely going to be trying to implement some of these into my daily routine 😎👍👍

    Thanks for sharing such cool & useful warmup techniques, definitely looking forward to the next video 😎👍👍

  11. I hope you consider doing a series of these videos, Kelly. As I mentioned in the chat, you have such a calming presence and are such a natural with this topic. And I think I could truly benefit from them.

    In addition to my back pain, I have been over stressed and over working myself these past few months and have been wanting to look into ways of calming my mind and relieving the tension that's been building for a while now. This video has motivated me to take that part of my life more serious than I have been. I plan to look into the channels you linked in the description as a possible starting point. Thank you so much for making this video. You have been such an inspiration to me to always try to better myself 🙏

  12. I like to start my day by walking out to the mail box to retrieve the news paper naked. Then I wrestle a bear into submission. After that I sip my coffee and observe my neighbors in their catatonic state with looks of horror frozen on their faces. It's a great routine to start your day, I highly recommend you all try it.

  13. Hello there Jedi Bunny! Truly this is the first time I could give yoga a practice. Because I only trained myself in karate before I quit training. Glad you’re finding your inner chi there Kelly. 💕 🐇

  14. Yes 'twas fun to watch the movement, but the best part was your calm, soothing voice.
    Mayhaps, we could have another such video in the near future?
    Kelly / Jedi Bunny, you are a wonderful, lovely person. Beautiful on the outside, and even more so on the inside. May Life bring you great blessings!

  15. Real friends of the channel were checking for Nova before she showed up😎

    Nice work on this video. You even dropped some Chi knowledge this time, always full of surprises. Sorry I missed the premiere. I got called away, couldn't get back to hop in chat in time.

    Are you livestreaming again soon? Or dropping another video?

  16. Oh and great mentioning of those 2 channels.
    That's what is all about; sharing.
    Reportedly Bruce Lee's favorite word.

    Let me recommend that you check a very famous and beloved YouTuber:
    He has great videos about nutrition, basic moves, accupressure that you Kelly and friends could incorporate in your routines.
    And he has beutiful messages of encouragement and appreciation that you receive in the Community Tab when subscribed.

    Kelly, eres una persona Bellisíma, no solamente afuera, pero mas importante adentro.
    And that is ultimately, what is all about.
    Keep on Shining!

  17. Wonderful routine and I shared it out to help feed the algorithm. Also, you're a voice of calm and reason on the channels you guest on and it's always a joy to hear your opinions. 👍✨

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