Complete Relaxation in 10 Minutes with this Guided Breath Practice | Mindful Movement

When you focus on your breath intentionally, it brings you into the present moment and sends a signal to your mind and body that you are safe and you can let …


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  1. These help so much but I don't remember to do them regularly. Don't realize how tense I am until I start.. Setting my alarm now to remind myself. Thank you Sara🙂

  2. i always look forward to your soothing voice and mild manner. this breath work is so important as it gives us another way to focus on the fact that breathing even though it is involuntary, can be done wrong in certain circumstances and therefore it becomes necessary for us to learn how to voluntarily breath correctly. proactively breathing from the belly as opposed to from the chest has an entirely different effect…. so it’s important for us to learn how to take a true deep breath- from the belly – to be able to rest and digest. breathing from the belly or from the chest is easy for me. where i get hung up on is separating the breath from the ribs and the breath from the chest. it is challenging to physically as well as mentally do that. any tips?

  3. That was refreshing! I appreciate your guidance so much, Sara. Being able to access so many wonderful yoga sessions and meditations from a strong female inspires my journey to be the same. Thank you! 🌳

  4. It’s all about detachment. Be willing to drop your desires and let the universe pick them up and return them to you🙌🏽💚
    ~ Much Love from a Growing YouTuber💜

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