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#HahnsMacaw – Emerald Just Wants To Be Loved! #Parrot_Bliss #parrot #RedShoulderMacaw

HahnsMacaw #RedShoulderMacaw Parrots are said to be like a perpetual toddler -for 50 years – who never grows up! It’s true, when a parrot is young, they are …


4 thoughts on “#HahnsMacaw – Emerald Just Wants To Be Loved! #Parrot_Bliss #parrot #RedShoulderMacaw

  1. I didn’t know what makes a parrot a macaw, now I do 🙂 Emerald is a sweetheart and what a nice size too

  2. Emerald is absolutely adorable. She’s also beautiful. A little treasure🥰🤩❤️

  3. Beautiful Bird! 😍

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