A synthetic biology breakthrough: Amyris creates, manufactures and sells CBG

Listen to a conversation about Amyris’ fermented CBG and latest launch of consumer skincare brand, Terasana with Amyris, Inc. executives, John Melo, Caroline …


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  1. Amyris is a takeover target for Unilever. The problem is Amyris price tag is ramping quick. Unilever and their peers need to have a Clean brand portfolio.

  2. I like how the Amyris management team is in synergy, great to see some strong women in there. Alastair best of luck in your new position at Amyris. Can't wait for the things you all have planned. Changing the world one molecule at a time.

  3. Amyris is the first company to use synthetic biology to mass produce the rare molecule CBG. This video explains the power of squalane and CBG together to help heal acne and why it is so efficacious. You can also meet key members of their product teams including the woman behind Rose inc and Biossance and the man behind Terasana. Essential if you are an investor or thinking about investing.

  4. Amyris is one of the few companies we all know is creating a better world for us and our future generations. I think we are all going to look back years from now in amazement at how much this company will have changed the world and will have inspired other companies to do the same.

  5. What an amazing team Amyris has assembled. Great leaders and great science. Melo got tired of waiting for the world to change, so him and his team are changing it themselves…good work Graham!

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