Fasting Q&A

Fasting Q&A.


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  1. I have been doing fasting since April 2019. Amazing results, lost 87 pounds and regained my health. Lowered BP medication, cured knee pain, and inner feeling is just fantastic. I am 62 years female. It works like miracle people, everyone must indulge in some fasting!

  2. Funny you asked about being happy while fasting. Today I was talking to my friend about the happiness reset and she couldn’t understand how anyone can be happy when they fast. She said she was always unhappy when she didn’t eat anything, just cranky and miserable. But that’s the thing: when I became metabolically flexible, I stopped being hungry during a fast and all that energy and dopamine always puts me in a good mood 😁 How about you, guys?

  3. Thanks to fasting overcame fatty liver, lose 25 pounds, I'm just 5 feet tall, I recovered my younger legs aparience. Intermittent fasting was the only thing that worked and a little bit off exercise 🤗💕 si se puede! Love Dr Mandy's enthusiasm, love and passion for teaching as.

  4. Thanks for everything you are doing! On May 12, I was 318lbs, a purple foot, anytime I ate it basically knocked me unconscious for an hour or two. Knew I had to do something. Always been eating organic based foods and grass fed, but high carbs and sugar, organic, but like someone said, to your liver it is still sugar.
    Stumbled on to your site on youtube videos along with Dr. Berg, Eckber, Delaur and a few others. Instituted fasting right away. Two 6 day fasts with water,lemon slices,Braggs ACV, -bullet coffee with GHEE, Butter, MCT, (and I know this is going to sound strange, but I also add Fermented Turmeric, Ginger and Beet Powder along with rainbow peppercorns, cayenne powder, Pumpkin Spice, Cloves and cumin) and some organic teas. Smaller three 3 day fasts, many OMADs and fell of the wagon a time or two( actually 3) and ate more than 20 carbs a day. I have had a far infra red sauna for years barely ever used it. Started using every night sometimes longer durations than I should, 30 minutes at 135 with the door closed, than another 90 minutes with the door opened a bit, than in the shower I drop a gallon of ice water on me. Sounds crazy but OMG it feels SO good!
    My foot color is normal, no more inflammation anywhere, no knee or hip pains, no more sharp chest pains, no craving for breads and sweets, well not as much. Eating 100% grass fed AND FINISHED meat a lot of Wild Planet Sardines and Mackerel, Salmon Eggs, all the Organic clean Keto foods, of course bacon and veggies but no fruit except the lemon slices I squeeze in my glass quart of water ACV mix.
    I will do some of Mercolas and Schultz supplements when not fasting.

    Bought the glucose and ketone meters right away. Starting the KETO in May, I was hitting 150 to 200 on the meter. I am now hitting the mid 80's to 90's on my 7, 14 and 30 day avg. Ketones range of course but I like to see the mid 3's and 4's. I am 59 and shooting for 175 lbs by November the 1st. As of today, I am 15 weeks into my new life, weighed in today at 242. Down from 54 inch waist to 44. I know it seems like I am losing it too fast but I felt as if I was days from a stroke or heart attack. Had to just go for it. If I would have gotten Covid I would have suffered serious problems. My wife, daughter and sons have been very supportive. I had to give up drinking but I am a better man for it. Note- for me, each time I fell off the wagon it took me 7 days to get back to where I was. I learned quite a bit how to make the corrections and get back on to Keto each time. It has been 6 weeks and going strong. Watching your videos daily is an ESSENTIAL part of it!!! THAAANNNKK YOU so MUCH!!!

  5. How can we finally get a list of Drs who are into healthy eating and living? We sooooo need a trustworthy Dr to support us in this fight for health! In every city, let's do it, guys!!!
    My favorite mudic: Christian music, instrumental too! Also Spanish guitar music. Try them!!!

  6. I did a three day fruit fast for a while…I mean all I could eat I stuffed myself….for three days and I also ate Avocado sandwiches and lentil soup with bone broth and lots of vegetables….went right back to my rolling 72 hour fasting….I’m a fasting Rock Star ⭐️

  7. A couple of years ago I used fasting to quit smoking. I had smoked for over 45 years, about a pack s day. I did quit smoking during Lent a few times but would return to smoking after Easter. I tried many ways to quit smoking – nicorette gums and lozenges, nicotine patches, and hypnosis. Finally I learned that it takes three days for nicotine to leave the body, so I fasted for three days without smoking and on the fourth day ended the fast and had no desire for smoking. I haven't smoked since. I suspect that fasting may be a very powerful tool for any kind of addiction. A three day fast from food and from addiction may be enough to break the hold of addiction. It worked for me.

  8. Thanks Dr Mindy!!
    I'm following the fasting circle and I'm feeling great!
    I don't even get hungry.
    I sleep like a baby,
    I'm always happy,
    I'm enjoying all the benefits of fasting.

  9. Hi Dr Mindy… just over 6 months into Keto and intermittent fasting… gradually over the months got more and more into fasting 2 x 24 hr fasts per week, 18-20 hr the rest of the week….
    I'm 6ft 2 and had been 240 – 250 pounds since 2007/8… what I've found through you Dr Mindy, is clear, straight to the point facts & science (backed up!)… I had never, ever had any will-power to quit all the typical comfort foods (breads , pastas, chocolates, ice-cream, various sodas etc)…. then this wonderful guardian angel appeared out of nowhere onto my Youtube screens… and suddenly, something changed, I sat up, listened – buoyed by what I was listening /watching, my motivation and dedication went through the roof, quit all those addictive comfort sugars and carbs – my Weight has dropped nearly 50 pounds – im now 195 lbs( my energy has soared, I'm a new man, (need a new wardrobe!) feel so alive in many ways, clear brain, restful sleep…feel younger, looking younger at 56, more so than I did at 46 yrs old
    Thankyou for your incredible input.. not just for me, but for everyone around the world
    Anthony (Maidenhead, nr Windsor, UK)

  10. I found changing my diet, cut out sugar and control my feeding window would take me most of the way towards the goal. I'm now no longer having any medical issue due to excess weight. Now only through extended prolong fasting will achieve my new goals of being SKINNY…… yeah !!! thanks

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