It's been four years since I first got sick..

Hi my lovelies! Todays video is a ITS BEEN FOUR YEARS SINCE I FORST GOT SICK. Today’s video is a break down on my …


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  1. I am 8 years chronically sick 🤯
    It's a very long time, even in the first years I could live more like before than now. That makes me sad, that most doctors don't know about CFS until now.

  2. Heyyy I just found your channel!! So grateful I did cause I’m really struggling rn. I got covid in September last year and I’ve been fatigued from day one (like 45%) Ended up walking from the car park to the hospital 6 weeks after I got sick, and doing all the tests that she wanted. Refused to take a wheelchair cause I was embarrassed and my mum and I didn’t know at the time that it was gonna be bad for me to try and walk all that way. A day after that app, I crashed so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed or talk for two months I was so fatigued. After a few months rest I was able to be downstairs on the couch… still unable to have a conversation or see people or do anything for myself, but being around family really lifted my mood. Ended up realising I needed a wheelchair to get to my appointments and stuff so asked the doctor to refer me for one… she said cause my tests were normal that I was fine and a wheelchair would just make me never want to walk again so she declined the referral. Got so sick one night from a throat infection which made the fatigue even worse and ended up going to A&E. The doctor there gave us the eye and said I should not be in a wheelchair at all cause then I wouldn’t be motivated to get up again. She gaslighted me into thinking I was the reason I wasn’t getting better cause I wasn’t exercising and she told me I was gonna be bedbound for life if I didn’t start moving. So went home determined to get better and I started to try and exercise… I mean just like tiny exercises… crashed badly again. Found a private physio who’s daughter has ME/CFS and she told me I needed to stay on the couch and my mum could help stretch my muscles for me. Very pleased with her. Paid for a wheelchair to get to apps and was still bed bound but my mental health was alright. The doctor Never saw me face to face for another few months until we got given a phone app with her. Got a letter a few days later saying it was with psychiatry. She had made it out to seem like I was depressed and didnt want to get out of bed. Still wouldn’t refer me for a wheelchair either. Doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with me at all but referred me to a cardiologist cause my mum pushed for it. Found out I have CFS and POTS. Not gonna lie I am terrified about how long it will take till I get better enough to do any school work or see friends and I’ve always been a high achiever too. So been bedbound for 8 months so far and still got a long ways to go but your channel is really encouraging to me❤️ I also have to get surgery in a month too and I’m really scared about it cause almost every doc I’ve seen has just disregarded my symptoms so far and I don’t know if the surgical team will be any different and more accommodating. Plus I don’t know how I’ll react to the anasthestia. But thank you for being an encouragement to me🥰

  3. I was always ill as a child up until I was 18. Six years later, it all came crashing down with the return of the childhood 'malfunctions!' I chose to live with them, taking a lot of knocks as I worked through life – until four years ago, when my heels literally exploded with pain! Five procedures later, at least I can now tread on a Lego brick as they're de – sensitised. Now though, I also have to deal with chronic migraines, epilepsy and a whole list of other issues. I probably would have given up though if I hadn't found your channel. You're very inspiring! Sending Spoonie Hugs and Love ( ( ( x 😊 x ) ) ) 💜

  4. Hi Emilia! Its also my four year sick anniversary in May (Birth of my third daughter). I also feel like I hhave only recently accepted it as im a go-go person all my life… And also only vagely remember being well. Its also ME awareness day and my birthday… Go figure…. And i also didnt wanna go out any where. . but people come visit me on their own. Stay strong, looks like you are resting, which is what I would have been doing, but I have a husband and four small children and a property to look after. And i'm trying to work but failing a lot . (Got the job on one of my better weeks, and then regretting it on my bad days) Hopefully you will recover doing what is right! Rest up! Hugs. 🤗

  5. It’s also my 4 years since I became sick anniversary this year (after a medical procedure and not being right since too!!) and so many things you’ve said just now have resonated with me so much that I feel so seen! The gaslighting yourself, the feeling guilty for not working at this age (I’m also nearly 24), the looking at jobs and convincing yourself you can do them when you can’t do them, guilt for not being able to clean the house and do everything you ‘should be doing’ all the time, the not remembering a time without sickness or pain, the imposter syndrome, the mental health…. Wow. Just all of it. I feel you and thank you for sharing your story – it’s definitely helped me 🤍🤍

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